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Benefits to Premium Lap Siding

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 07, 2015


Benefits to Lap Siding

While we offer a variety of pre-made storage buildings at a variety of price points, our Lap shed and garage lines come with a beautiful and functional feature—the LP SmartSide Trim and Lap Siding. Some of the benefits to this premium siding are outlined in this post.


General Wear and Tear


Vinyl siding and traditional fiber siding tends to weather and crack over time, which causes your entire manufactured storage building to decay. The LP SmartSide siding is a very durable and dependable option that can hold up to the day to day wear and tear. You want to use your shed or garage regularly without it looking worn down, and you want to keep your shed looking beautiful with minimal effort. The LP SmartSide options give you those features.


Harsh Weather and Pests

Major weather events can wreak havoc on your property, your home, and your storage buildings. Our Lap buildings come with the LP SmartSide siding to help combat the elements and give you added durability and protection. It is also specifically designed to minimize pest invasions that could damage the structural integrity of your shed and cause damage to your belongings that you store inside. 


Beautiful Design

In addition to the functional features, the LP SmartSide siding looks beautiful. It comes in a variety of color options to suit your perfect backyard. And you can achieve a customized look through different style and texture options as well. When you purchase a pre-made storage building, you are investing in your home and property so you want it to look good in addition to be a functional asset to your property.


You can view additional features here, and if you would like to hear pricing options for these features you can request a quote below.


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