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Buy a Shed. Don't DIY — Here's Why.

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 28, 2015


Buy Instead of DIY

There are many things that you can create yourself, and there are many things that you may want to create yourself. We encourage you to tackle your backyard landscaping in our Summer Backyard Challenge, yet we discourage you from building your own storage shed.

Why? There are two main things to consider...

1. Can you complete the project better than others?

Here at Dakota Storage Buildings, we eat, sleep, and breathe storage sheds. We understand what goes into making a quality storage building, and we understand the importance of creating high quality products. In many cases, it is neither safe nor practical to build your own shed. It is likely to be a large expense that includes a lot of frustration. The alternative of course, is choosing your shed along with any additional features and having it delivered to your home.

This same logic applies to other DIY projects as well. You could sew your own clothing, but very few of us actually do. You could build your own dining room table, but very few of us have the skills to make it turn out the way that we want it to look.

On the other hand, you may be the only person who can make your new garden turn out just the way you want it. And you might be the only person who can bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies. In those cases, you are probably not going to hire a gardener or pick up cookies from the grocery store. It all depends on you and your skill-sets.


2. Is this how you want to spend your time?

DIY projects are time consuming so it is important that you enjoy the process as well as the end result. There are times where you may prefer to pay for a service or a product so that you do not have to invest significant amounts in addition to any costs for supplies.

You have plenty of things vying for your attention. There are children or grandchildren that you could be playing with, trips to take, new restaurants to try, and movies to watch. Spending a long weekend on a lake sounds much more enjoyable than spending the weekend working on an undesirable DIY project.

You may have to invest more money, but imagine what you could be gaining … time with your family, time to unwind and relax, time to create memories.

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