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Buying a Garage: One Way to Make this Winter Easier

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 16, 2015


Buying a Garage - One Way to Make this Winter Easier

After a beautiful spring and summer, many of us are dreading the realities of a harsh winter ahead. We will be stuck indoors, having to deal with ice and snow when we go out, and going a little stir crazy. Despite the challenges, there is one solution that could make your life a lot easier this winter… buy a garage.


In this blog post , we will cover just two of the many ways that having a garage on your property can make your winter easier.


Harsh Winters

You wake up in the morning, you are in a rush to get to work, you head out to your car to find your windshield iced over and your doors frozen shut.


Every time it snows, you have to spend extra time shoveling out your car. It is cold, it is tiring, and it is hard on your back.


Wind, snow, and ice causes branches and limbs to fall from your beautiful trees; and puts your car at risk. One limb to the windshield, and you are looking at a hefty repair bill.


Instead of dreading and worrying about all of these winter challenges, you can purchase a garage to store your vehicle. It will not get damaged in any storms, it will not get buried under snow drifts, and it will not get iced shut.


If you have ATVs, lawn mowers, boats, or other vehicles, a garage provides protection against the elements for them as well. Storing out-of-season vehicles in a well-built storage building ensures that those vehicles will be ready to enjoy when spring and summer cycle back around.


Many people have found that buying a garage is an affordable solution that provides years and years of convenience.

Extra Space

You have items that you do not want to get rid of, but you also don’t want them cluttering your living space inside your home.


You are stuck inside all winter and have the itch to work on some projects and hobbies.


You need additional space to prepare and store items for the holidays.


Not having enough storage space is a problem that so many people deal with, and once the cold weather hits, we all notice it so much more. All of a sudden, we are stuck inside without enough living space. You begin to think that you need a bigger home when all you really need is extra storage space.


The key to storage space is having it easily accessible. You want a place where you can store out of season decorations so that they are easy to swap out when the next holiday arrives. You want a place to store all of those items that you use occasionally, just not on an everyday basis. Purchasing a garage gives you the convenience of easily accessible storage space.


A garage could also provide space for new projects and hobbies. You could set up a craft station, a workbench, a gift wrapping area, or anything else that you enjoy doing. Having a separate space to dive into an activity that you enjoy, will keep everyone from going stir crazy throughout the winter.

The Solution

Detached garages have a lot of benefits. One garage purchase can provide solutions to all of the problems above, and truly make your winters easier and more enjoyable.


Garages provide security for your property, protection from the elements, save you time and effort, give you space to store items and declutter your living space, and allow you to tackle new projects and hobbies.


Another great benefit to buying a detached garage is that they come with a lot of different design options. You can customize your garage so that it is both functional and looks great on your property.

How to Buy

The good news is that you are able to pick out and purchase your perfect garage before winter arrives.


Here at Dakota Storage, we sell our products factory direct, which means that there is no middle man. This keeps your costs down, streamlines the process, and enables us to continue providing excellent craftsmanship and superior customer service. When you call us, you will speak to a very knowledgeable representative that can explain your options and make things happen.


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