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Can I Put a Shed Right Next to My House? Top 5 Things To Consider Before You Buy a Pre-built Shed

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 10, 2022


Whether you need more home storage, or you want a storage solution that is exclusive to your outdoor items, something led you to decide to purchase a shed. Now that you have decided to put forth the funds towards this project, you may think your work here is done — but it’s not. Deciding to purchase a shed is only the first step.

Just like with any other addition to your outdoor landscape, there are several things you need to consider as you decide where to place a shed. Should you place it next to your house? Or should you place it farther away?  It’s hard to know what spot is best! 

Since many shed owners are first-time shed owners, they don’t necessarily know the answers to these above questions. So, to help you in navigating where to place your new purchase, we’ve outlined the top 5 things to consider before you buy a pre-built shed.

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Zoning Laws and Possible Fines

To build a shed, even if it is “pre-built,” you may need to obtain a permit. This permit will list out any building limitations that you’ll need to be mindful of. These may include how far away a shed can be built from property lines, how much room there needs to be between the shed and a neighbor’s yard, and how close it can be placed to your house with or without power and/or water hooked up. If you belong to an HOA, there may be added restrictions related to the placement and even shed color. Failure to follow any zoning laws may result in a fine that you’ll have to pay.

Terrain and Level Foundations

As you decide where you want to place your shed, you’ll want to look at your landscape. Level ground is always the best option in building a shed but if level terrain is not possible, try to find a place where the shed can be positioned so that the doors can open to level ground. Beyond the terrain, you’ll also want to ensure your shed is not built at the bottom of a hill, or somewhere that collects water, and that it is not surrounded by low tree branches. Failing to take into account those considerations will cause wear and tear on your shed and can damage the structure of the shed.


You know the climate of your property better than anyone so consider this as you choose what materials you want your shed built from. Certain woods and materials are better suited for different weather environments. You want the materials you select to stay rot-free and to be durable enough to last through the elements no matter the season.

Shed Size

As you begin your shed search, you’ll find that you can customize a shed to be whatever size you need. Smaller sheds offer the ability to utilize crushed rocks or plain ground for the foundation and smaller sheds always can be expanded later. Essentially what size shed you need comes down to how much storage space you require and how much space you want the shed to take up in your yard.

How Will Your Shed Be Used?

To choose the best placement for your shed you’ll need to think about how you plan to use the shed. You want your shed close to wherever it needs to be to serve a particular function. If you are building a garden shed, you want the shed close to your garden. If you want your shed to house all your tools, place it closer to your house so you don’t have to run across your yard every time you need a screwdriver.

Finding a permanent, perfect home for your shed doesn’t need to feel like an impossible decision to make. When you follow these top 5 considerations, you’ll feel confident wherever you decide.

When you’re ready to make your pre-built shed purchase, reach out to our team at Dakota! We have a wide array of pre-built sheds you can choose from. 

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