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Buying a Shed for City Living

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on January 08, 2016


City Living Is Better With A Shed

If you live in nearby Minneapolis or Saint Paul, our small sheds are perfect for your city-living lifestyle.

Whether you live Downtown or in a beautiful city neighborhood, chances are your backyard is small, but your life is full. While there are many creative ways to mount your bicycle and kayak to a wall or ceiling, why not take advantage of a traditional storage method? Our sheds are simple, dependable, and customizable. Our compact 8ft x 10ft Ranch Style Sheds can easily store bicycles, tiki torches, fire pits, gardening equipment, and other outdoor recreational equipment.

Are you afraid there’s not enough space for a shed into your yard? Maybe you have a narrow side yard or a backyard that is not easily accessible? No worries. Almost any space will work. We deliver fully-built sheds, but we also offer on-site building options. Bringing in building materials requires much less spaces and accessibility than delivering an assembled shed.

And don’t let the cost deter you. Our sheds are made with durable, high-quality materials, but they are also affordable. Because we sell our products factory-direct, your cost stays low and the buying process remains uncomplicated.  

If you have a small yard, an active lifestyle, and all the equipment to go with it, there’s no excuse for not having a shed. Check out our wood ranch style sheds and vinyl ranch style sheds. You can order a basic shed or choose to add features. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you will find the perfect shed for your city dwelling.

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