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Create Your Own Custom Shed or Garage with Our 3D Configurator Tool

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 31, 2018


Build your own custom shed or garage to fit all of your needs.

You’ve dreamed of having a shed or garage for a long time. You’ve done your research. You know what your new shed or garage will look like. What you will put into your garage. But after shopping for a prebuilt shed or garage – nothing has caught your eye. Don’t stress! We have a 3D Live Configurator Tool so you can customize your dream shed of garage today!

Customize a Storage Building
Don’t waste money on something you don’t want

Being picky is okay. You know how your shed or garage will function. You need extra space to move hobbies into a storage shed. You need a garage to protect your vehicle, ATV, boat, or lawn equipment. You need an organizational shed to help declutter your basement or attic. These are essential needs so don’t waste money on something that isn’t built to your tastes or style.

When you custom design a shed or garage, you can get what you need. Our cost-efficient and durable sheds or garages are the perfect solution! They can match your house and be easily installed right on your property.

Easy-to-use 3D Tool to build the perfect shed or garage

Our 3D Configurator Tool is super easy to use. You can zoom, rotate, and switch colors at a click of the mouse! Create the perfect shed or garage to fit all of your storage needs.

You can swap out windows, move doors, and change the shingles all with your computer, tablet or phone. We take the guesswork out of what your shed or garage will look like with our Configurator Tool.

Shop and personalize your shed or garage

What’s your style? We got many options to choose – from colors and siding to windows and interior. We’ve got the choices to suit all your shed or garage design needs.

What are you looking for in a shed or garage design? We’ve got many different styles that will fit your current aesthetic and not be an eye sore to your neighborhood. Our high-quality sheds and garages are built made to last and easy to maintain.

Choose from:

  • Classic Gable
  • Ranch Gable
  • High Barn
  • Low Barn
  • Quaker Gable
  • Ranch Gable Porch
  • Classic Gable Porch
  • High Barn Porch 
  • Ranch Garage
  • High Barn Garage 

You want something that looks great and is easy to clean and maintain. We’ve got several options.

  • Wood Panel
  • Wood Lap
  • Vinyl
  • Steel

Pick the Standard Panel Trim or upgrade your shed or garage and add trim around the windows. We have many colors that will match your house or look.

Why settle for one option for your roofing needs for your new shed of garage? Pick either Architectural Shingles or Metal. Both last long and give your shed or garage a high quality look!

Need something small or large, or even in between? Our customizable sheds and garages come in many sizes. Start small or go big. Our sheds and garages start at 8x10 and can go all the way up to 16x40!

This is your shed or garage. Design it the way you want it to function! We have several different doors to add to the structure. Single or double doors can be added. Our 3D Configurator Tool gives you the freedom to pick the size and material plus the ability to drag and drop the door or doors to where you want them!

Let in the natural light to get the most of your new shed or garage. Pick the size and how many windows you want for your shed or garage design. You can even add shutters or flower boxes to your windows.

Exterior Options
We don’t stop our customizable sheds or garages at windows, siding, or colors. There are more exterior options to add if you’re looking for a certain shed or garage.

You can add a ramp if you’re using your new shed or garage for storing vehicles, boats, or ATVs. There are different sizes to choose from so you your needs will be met.

We even have overhead doors that provide insulation, strength, security, appearance, and functionality to your new shed or garage.

We offer a number of Sherwin Williams color options. If you are looking for an exact color, provide us with a sample and we’ll do our best to match it. We want your new shed or garage to be what you’re wanting.

Select the perfect flooring for your custom shed or garage. We offer LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish and Pacific’s DryPly sub-floor panels. They are durable and easy to maintain. Our SmartFinish flooring resists damage, decay, warping, splitting, and cracking.

The inside is just as customizable as the outside! Consider what needs you have for your shed or garage, and then outfit the inside to fit those. We offer built-in work benches, adding insulation so your building can be climate-controlled all year round, and storage kits for all of your organizational needs.

Start customizing your shed or garage today

Your perfect shed or garage is waiting for you! You’ve been wanting a shed or garage to fit your needs, and now you can personalize yours. Pick one of our storage building packages or customize your own from top to bottom.

Customize a Storage Building


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