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4 Reasons Why a Dakota Storage Farm Shed is Perfect for Any Farm

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 20, 2018

Discover 4 Reasons Why A Dakota Storage Farm Shed Is Perfect For Any Farm

Do you need a farm shed for hay, grain, agriculture equipment, small tractors, or trailers?

Farm sheds may serve different purposes, but each is important.

For instance, you can use a farm shed to store small farm equipment, materials, and accessories, so they’re protected from the elements, less likely to deteriorate, and reliable for performance. It also helps keep items subject to corrosion and deterioration dry and clean. You can also store trucks, trailers, small tractors, seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, air compressors, generators, hydraulic fittings, work material, and more.

Two other potential functions of a farm shed include grain drying and a control center or office. When used as a control center, they serve many practical purposes and can provide shade from the hot summer sun, warmth from cold winter winds, and dry shelter on rainy days. Dryer sheds also make practical offices. It’s helpful to have a place where buyers and truckers can check in upon arrival or departure.

Our Farm Storage Shed Package is a high-quality shed that's customized for farms. It includes the square footage and features that are ideal for farm equipment, storage solutions, and more. Learn more about the features that make this shed perfect for any farm.

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4 Reasons our farm shed is perfect for any farm.

#1 - Built-in Loft

Our farm sheds come with one loft for extra, out-of-the-way storage space and more organizational opportunities. What you do with the loft space is totally up to you. You could store seasonal tools or items used only on occasion. Having a loft will help you keep your space clutter free yet accessible.

#2 - Overhead Door

This door designed by Clopay is part of their premium series and boasts 1-⅜” Intellicore insulation that improves strength, security, appearance, and operation. It's made with scratch-resistant materials and can take on extreme weather conditions. 

#3 - Built-in Workbench

A built-in workbench offers a sturdy table-top workspace. Use it to work on projects or as a shelf to organize small items. Many inexpensive commercial benches are rickety, lacking a thick top and sturdy legs. The height should match your stature, use this rule of thumb: the height of a workbench should be the distance from the floor to your first thumb knuckle, with your arms hanging relaxed at your sides. Don't want to worry about this details? You don't have to when you order our Farm Shed Package—it comes with a dependable and sturdy build-in workbench.

#4 - Ramp

Every good farm shed needs a trustworthy ramp to make moving wheeled items easy and efficient. Sure you can create a make-shift ramp, but ours is made of high-quality wood, and it clips into a base so that it doesn't move or slip when being used. You can freely adjust, remove, or leave the ramp in place.

Explore our Farm Storage Shed Package details and features.

In addition to the features listed above, here others that make our Farm Storage Shed Package stand out from other options.

  1. GP DryPly Flooring | Georgia Pacific’s DryPly sub-floor panels have a water-repellent coating to provide weather protection during the normal exposed construction cycle.

  2. Color Contrast Trim Package | You can select the color of your shed siding as well as a contrasting trim color. We have a wide range of colors from which you can choose.

  3. Windows | Choose from two or four 24x36 windows, perfect for letting in natural light.

  4. Window Shutters | Simply adding shutters to any shed immediately improves the appearance and helps it blend seamlessly into any neighborhood.

  5. Steel Door |This high-end steel door has a 4Ever Frame made of composite poly-fiber which provides a tighter seal and greater security than our other door options, and because it's made of quality material, it will never rot, warp, split, or twist. This door has a 9-lite window option. 

With all of the above features chosen for you, all you need to do is choose if you want a single or double stall garage, it's size, and siding material.

  • Ranch Gable or High Barn Roofline: Choose from either a Ranch Gable roof with a 5/12 pitch or a High Barn with a roof shaped like a barn.

  • Size: Choose from these size options—12'x20', 14'x32', and 16'x40'. 

  • Siding Options: Choose the color you want for either LP SmartSide Wood Lap Siding or Long Creek Tuff-Rib Steel Siding. Choose the color you want for either siding options. Both are attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.

Ready to order your Farm Shed Storage Package?

This package has everything ready for you; all you need to do is make three simple choices—

  1. Size
  2. Roofline type
  3. Siding material and color

That's it! Buying a Farm Storage Shed Package from Dakota Storage Buildings is really that easy.

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