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How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 13, 2022

No homeowner is free from the possibility of clutter. Whether you leave it out in the open or hide it behind closet doors or inside various drawers, clutter doesn’t have to control your life. But for many, it’s still an intimidating feat to finally sort through the junk drawer or organize those records. Here’s how you can easily organize a room to turn it from an overwhelming mess to a place to de-stress.

What’s The Goal?

Saying you want to organize a room is a noble end (especially if you’re sacrificing your Saturday), but it’s a broad goal that can short-circuit your brain with possibilities of where to start. Be specific with how you want the room to look and function. Do you want to donate those clothes you swore you’d wear again (but never did)? Or are you hanging on to so many things that your living room resembles a museum? If you know what you want to accomplish, you’ll have a much easier time accomplishing it.

Gear Up

Everything will be a lot less chaotic if you have some proper home organization and cleaning tools at your disposal. You should bring out basic cleaning supplies like dusting cloths, an all-purpose cleaner, and maybe a broom or vacuum. And to help categorize your items, you’ll want sticky notes to help identify what’s happening to what, donation bins or bags for items you’re passing on, and trash bags for anything past its prime.

Start Smart

You know yourself pretty well, so to start organizing a room, play to your strengths and what will motivate you most. Develop a sensible, straightforward plan covering some logistics, like when you’ll start, where you’ll donate items, and how long you expect your project will take.

If you know you like to start small and gain momentum, work in that direction. If you’re the kind of cleaner who likes to tackle the most prominent problem area first to make everything look easy in comparison, then dig right in. However you begin, just make sure you’re organizing in a way that feels impactful to you; the more impact you make on how the room looks, the more you’ll chase the feeling and keep organizing.

Take Stock

Taking stock is beneficial for taking inventory of what you have versus what you want versus what you need. It sounds counterintuitive, but a practical way to start organizing is by removing everything from a space and putting it out in the open for you to see. There’s no need to do the whole room at once - you can split your home organization into rooms or even rooms into quadrants and focus on those areas first. 

Clean, Sort, Organize

There’s a good chance the area you’re organizing hasn’t seen a sponge in a while. So once you’ve cleared the area, it’s time to clean it. Cleaning the area gives your new items a fresh start once you figure out where they need to go. It’s completely fine if you’re only able to do one section of a room at a time if the process is taking a bit. It’s much better to be thorough than shove everything under the bed and hope you don’t need it in a week.

When you’re finished sorting through items to keep, donate, and toss, you should start putting everything you plan on keeping back. Its new home may not be the original starting point - it’s often not. The hard part is over; it’s now about making conscious choices toward a more organized and relaxing space.

Stay Organized with Storage

Storage solutions are the ultimate home organization tools. They can help maximize the space in your home and even free up more space. It’s not always easy to organize a room, especially if you deal with items you can’t part with or a smaller space. But you can take control of your clutter and organize easily by using the 6 Storage Ideas for Home Organization guide. The guide can help anyone utilize their space better to optimize storage and find creative storage solutions for any space. Click here and get your copy today. 

Discover 6 Storage Ideas for Home Organization

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