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Importance of Resilient Shed Flooring

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 23, 2015


We care about building quality — from shingles to flooring, joists, and skids. 

When choosing a shed, many people think about size and design elements but don’t put much consideration into the flooring structure of the storage building. Storage buildings should be made to handle outdoor elements and keep their structural integrity for years to come, and Dakota Storage puts an emphasis on this building quality from floor joists to shingles.

Need for Resilient Flooring


You are buying an outdoor shed or detached garage so that it can make your life more convenient. You want to be able to drive your muddy garden tractor into the shed or park your snowmobiles in the garage as the snow melts off of them. You don’t want to have to worry about how your storage building will hold up.


Treated Floor Joists


Pressure treated wood is a standard feature on all Dakota Storage buildings because it increases the life of our sheds substantially. The lumber is treated to prevent natural decay and protect against moisture and even insects. Since floor joists are close to ground level and are exposed to moisture and pests, it is very important that these joists are pressure treated.


Dakota Storage also assembles sheds with these treated floor joists in a way that improves structural integrity and can help your shed withstand the weight of heavier vehicles. Even if you do not initially think that you will want to park heavier vehicles or store heavy objects in your shed or garage, it is better to have the option in case you have the need to do so in the future.


We feature:

  • 2x6 treated floor joist on 12’, 14’, and 16’ wide buildings
  • 2x4 treated floor joist on 8’ and 10’ wide buildings 

Premium ProStruct Flooring


Dakota Storage also offers Premium ProStruct Flooring through our partnership with LP Building Products. ProStruct® premium flooring helps to maximize the structural longevity of your building by safeguarding your structure’s sub-floor with moisture-repellent coating. ProStruct’s treated wood stain technology with SmartGuard minimizes cracking, which allows for the application of coverings directly to the sub-floor without the need for additional surface layering.


Moisture-repellent flooring is a great feature for your typical, everyday backyard storage shed. It is easier to clean, it looks nicer, and it is very durable. Durable flooring that is resistant to pests and fungus means that your storage building will remain standing securely for longer; therefore, protecting your investment.


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