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Our Business Expansion Shed Offers the Office Storage Space You Need

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on April 05, 2018


Need extra space to grow your small business? Get one of our prebuilt office sheds today!

Great news: Business is booming and will continue for small business owners in 2018 and 2019! Take back your home and expand your business with one of our prebuilt office sheds.

Renting an office is expensive

Small business owners are the backbone of the American economy. Get the office space you need that is affordable and can be right in your backyard!

Renting office space has monthly expenses that can cut into your revenue. Utilities, rent, and operational costs add up fast. 

Thinking about renovating your house to fit your office space needs? That can take months and can be expensive. Even mobile trailers are only temporary solutions. Get options in our business expansion package that is semi-permanent and affordable.

Our office sheds are big enough to fit your business needs. Office equipment like desks, chairs, and file cabinets can all sit nicely in one of our business expansion sheds. 

We offer many options for your office or storage needs

A growing business needs a few things to succeed, and a dedicated office space to run one is vital. Is your inventory overrunning your home? Are you adding personnel to your business but don’t have the room? Need more useable office space? We’ve got you covered with a business expansion shed.

You can use one of our business expansion sheds for your office needs in a number of ways. If your business has expanded out of your home office and you need extra space, our office sheds are the perfect solution.

Is your home being overrun with inventory or overstocked items? You can use our shed as storage for your extra products, freeing up precious space in your home. 

Personalize your business expansion package

We get the job done right and what you’re looking for. We can prebuild your office shed, depending on the size, and deliver it to your location – or we can assemble the shed right on your property. We offer free delivery within a 100-mile radius of our South Dakota location in Milbank or 20 miles from our display locations.

We custom each package to fit your style and can be installed in your backyard or onsite quickly. This cost-efficient solution to your overcrowded home office is only a click away! 

Configure Your Business Expansion Shed

Business Expansion Details and Features

Consider your office space needs. We offer a number of types of office sheds that you can outfit to your style and needs. Pick the color that matches your home or business site, and even browse through our upgrades to customize your office shed.

Look through each feature to help you make the right decision for your office shed.

Rooflines: Pick from Classic Gable, Quaker Gable or Ranch Gable rooflines. Both Gable rooflines are the traditional in style, but with slightly different pitch angles. The roof of the Ranch Gable has a 5/12 pitch and can come with a porch, and the Classic Gable roof has a slightly steeper pitch of 7/12. The Quaker Gable roofline is slightly asymmetrical with the peak about a 1/3 of the way back from the front of the building.

Siding: Choose the color you want for either vinyl siding or wood lap siding options. Both are attractive and easy to maintain.

Windows: Let in natural light to help you concentrate on growing your business. Choose from two, four, or six double hung 28'x38' vinyl insulated windows.

Window Shutters: Add a sleek design to your office shed with our window shutters. Pick a style that matches your aesthetic.

Steel Door: This high-end steel door has a 4Ever Frame made of composite poly-fiber which provides a tighter seal and greater security than our other door options, and because it's made of quality material, it will never rot, warp, split, or twist. This door has a 9-lite window option. 

Flooring: LP ProStruct Flooring With SmartFinish is a durable overlay that creates a clean and beautiful appearance. This flooring resists termite damage, decay, warping, splitting, and cracking.

Insulation: Our spray foam floor insulation is sprayed 2-inches thick creating a watertight membrane of protection against the heat and cold and fills every crack and crevice.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our business expansion package. Or you can use our interactive configuration tool to customize your new office shed now!

Configure Your Business Expansion Shed Package

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