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Pool Shed: Pool-side Storage Solutions

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 03, 2015



Pool Storage Shed Solutions

Pools are an awesome addition to any backyard, but pool storage can become a hassle. Everything gets wet, and you don’t want any of it coming into your house. Purchasing a pool storage shed could be an easy solution for all of the following storage needs:

  1. Towels - Extra towels for guests, and a rack to hang all of them built into your pool shed. 
  2. Pool Toys - Balls and diving toys tend to get left out to weather the elements or never be found again. Use a crate or basket to scoop them up and let them drain and then put them away in your shed. 
  3. Flotation Devices - Noodles, rafts, boats, tubes… store all of them in your storage shed so that they don’t blow away or get ruined. You can also keep an air pump in the shed to easily inflate and deflate the bulkier items.
  4. Goggles - Whether people are swimming laps or pretending to be a scuba diver, goggles seem to be the item that always gets lost. Hang a designated basket on the side of the shed for easy goggle storage. 
  5. Chairs - Having a shed makes it easy to take care of your larger items like chairs and side tables. Store chairs, cushions, and accessories in the shed so that they are handy when you need them and stay nice longer.
  6. Lotions & Sprays - Store your sunscreen, aloe vera gel, lotion, and bug spray in your pool shed so that you can keep the mess outside and stay protected. 
  7. Pool Maintenance Items - Hoses, chlorine, skimmers, etc can all be kept in your pool storage shed so that you will always know where everything is when you need it.

Besides the storage options, you can turn your pool storage shed into a great pool accessory! Choose a new shed with a porch for some extra space for lounging in the shade, add an outdoor shower to the side for quickly rinsing off, and create a private space inside the shed as a changing area. 

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