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Shed vs. Addition

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 22, 2016

shed vs additions

Shed Vs. Addition

If you want extra space - a game room, office, or den - consider buying a shed instead of building an addition on your house. Buying a shed will save you money, time, and potential headaches.

The price tag for building a home addition is much higher than that of purchasing a backyard shed. Additionally, house renovations can take a long time (sometimes months) and often the project faces unexpected delays or issues. Avoid those issues with a shed!

While buying a shed to expand your living space will cost less money than building an addition, a building permit may be required. Often there are restrictions on size, color, or placement of a building. To be sure, check with your local municipality, county, or city officials to find out what is required in your area.

Additionally, you will need to lay a foundation for your shed. Here are site preparation instructions.

What would you do with the extra space? Sheds can be used as creative solutions for fixing many space problems. See our list below for ideas.

Once your shed has been delivered, it’s time to let your creative juices flow. Pick out the perfect furniture, haul in your weights, plug in your favorite lamp, buy curtains, or whatever else is necessary to make your dream space a reality.

Whether you prefer an addition or a backyard shed, a decision should be made based on your needs, budget, and timeline.

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