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Should I Leave My Working Dog in a Kennel While at Work?

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 15, 2022


If you’re a pet owner who needs to travel to work every day, you’re not alone. And people wonder how to ensure their working dog is safe and happy when they leave for their job each day. You are likely looking for the best option for your dog while at work. Should you leave them in a kennel, outside, or a crate? 

That’s where we can help.  

Can I leave my dog outside in a kennel? 

Leaving a dog outside really depends on your circumstances and the particular dog. Several dogs enjoy being outside and can live in the yard year-round. However, you need to consider certain safety and behavior issues. 

One important consideration to address first is behavioral issues. If you’re looking to keep a dog  from peeing or misbehaving while you’re away, the problem is that putting them outside doesn’t solve their behavior issues. It can even cause more issues, including barking all day,  digging up the yard, or escaping. Working with a dog trainer or using a doggie daycare would be  beneficial in either case. 

Let’s go into some other important considerations. 

Considerations for leaving your dog outside. 

Your particular dog 

Some breeds do great outside, like working or herding dogs, or even sporting breeds like spaniels. Many other breeds, including many small and toy dogs, won’t do well being left  outside unsupervised. You know your dog. Consider whether they actually enjoy the outdoors  before considering an outside kennel. 


Escaping is a big concern, and you don’t want your fur baby getting out of your yard. A bored or frustrated dog will try hard to get out, and they can be pretty good at it. They might jump or  climb out, dig under fencing, or even break it. 

If they manage to escape, it’s best if your dog is microchipped and registered with the local  authority that oversees animal management. A GPS collar can also make tracking your dog  easier.

Dog stealing 

It’s a more common issue than many people realize. Unfortunately, some do steal dogs for bait in dog fighting. Some people even steal dogs because they like that breed or could sell your dog. Take precautions to ensure your property is safe, including using padlocks on your gates and privacy fencing that can block visuals. 

Other behavior issues 

Dogs that hate being outside or in a kennel will let you know. In fact, they’ll let everyone know.  It can include nuisance barking, charging people or other dogs at the fence, or, as mentioned above, escaping. 


Weather and climate are also extremely important if you plan on using an outdoor kennel. If you live in a place with extreme cold or heat, it’s inhumane to leave a dog outside. Of course,  specific breeds, such as Huskies, do well in colder conditions. However, you still need to offer proper shelter. 

In hot climates, dogs need shade, plenty to drink, and a cool surface to walk and lay on.  A heating pad for their kennel in cold climates or a warm coat could benefit them in the cold. Plus, you’ll also want to consider the size of the kennel. Check out this blog post for more information on kennel sizes for outdoor dogs. 

To get more information about keeping your dog happy and healthy, check out our comprehensive guide below.

Ensure Your Working Dog is Healthy & Happy

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