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The Best Lawn Mowers: How to Choose the Right One for Your Yard

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on February 26, 2019


How do you identify the best lawn mowers for your yard? Read this post to gain insight and get recommendations.

It may not seem like it, but spring is on its way—which means your lawn will need attention soon.

Getting ready for the first mow of the season may mean uncovering and dusting off your current mower or buying a new one.

When it comes to buying a new lawn mower, your yard size, budget, and personal preference play key roles in decision making. As you research types and prices, consider the various mower categories and their key differentiators. In this post, we put together some important takeaways and top recommendations.

Best Walk-behind Mower 

The walk-behind mower category contains self-propelled lawn mowers and push mowers. Self-propelled mowers push themselves which reduces the fatigue and strain that comes with pushing a non-propelled mower. Find out what has to say regarding the key differences between self-propelled lawn mowers and push mowers.

While they have differences, self-propelled lawn mowers and push mowers also have similarities. First, they look almost indistinguishable—they’re the traditional lawn mowers that many of us picture when we think of “yard work Saturdays” or smell freshly cut grass when driving through a neighborhood. Second, walk-behind mowers are ideal for small to mid-sized lawns and are the most budget-friendly and environmentally-geared lawn mowers you'll find. Lastly, due to their smaller size, they're easy to store.

Walk-behind mowers come in a variety of styles including reel mowers, corded and cordless electric mowers, and gas-powered mowers.

And if you're wondering if Honda or Toro makes the best push mower, read this article by It pits these two strong performers against each other in a head-to-head test.

Riding Lawn Mower

If you've got a larger property, or if you need to avoid long periods of standing, walking, or pushing, a riding lawnmower is a good choice. And with cutting widths ranging from 26-66 inches, riding mowers allow you to cut a lot of grass in less time.

Riding lawn mowers are essentially small vehicles, so be prepared to perform regular maintenance throughout the year and set aside some storage space in your backyard shed or garage.

There are three different styles: rear engine riders, tractors (both lawn and garden tractors), and zero turn mowers.

Did you know? The difference between riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors lies in the location of the cutting deck. Lawn tractors have a mid-mounted cutting deck, while for riding lawn mowers the cutting deck is located under the front of the vehicle. completed a full review of the best riding lawn mowers and has taken into account various factors such as deck size, engine power, transmission type, turning radius, and also the specifics of the lawn to be mowed. Some top contenders include Husqvarna YTA18542, Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series Ride-on Mower, and Poulan Pro Kohler V-Twin 24HP Pedal Control Riding Mower.

Best Tow-Behind Mower

Because they’re great for both golf course fairways and overgrown fields, tow-behind mowers are a top choice for commercial landscapers and lawn care professionals who own equipment that can handle these attachments.  

Towable mowers come in several styles including gang reel mowers, finish cut, and rough cut.

Gang reel mowers are ideal for mowing golf courses, large lawns, athletic fields, and other open-range areas that require a quality cut. Gang reel mowers don’t have an engine. Instead, they’re towed behind an ATV or tractor.

Finish-cut mowers, or trail mowers, have a high-powered engine mounted on top of a large cutting deck. If your property contains lots of trees shedding twigs and pine cones, the extra engine strength of a trail mower would be helpful.

Rough-cut mowers, or trail cutters, are designed for cutting through thick brush and weeds and wild overgrown property, and they can even hack through small saplings. says the best pull behind mowers in 2019 include the Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper, Farmer Helper 5 Foot Finish Mower Cat.I 3pt 16+HP Rating (FH-FM150), and Swisher RC11544BS 11.5 HP 44-Inch Rough Cut Trail Cutter

Finding the Best Lawn Mowers

If you’re interested in gas-powered mower recommendations, has a list of the best for any sized yard—with prices and their reasons for selecting them.

Hint: Craftsmen, Honda, and Toro make the cut (pun intended).

If you plan to go to your neighborhood Lowes for a new lawn mower, consider looking at these Lowes lawn mowers for sale.

Need a backyard storage shed for your lawn mower?

You could have one of the best lawn mowers, but what good will it do you if it's exposure to the elements and damaging weather? Before you buy a new lawn mower, decide where you will keep it. To keep it dry, safe, and functioning for years, plan to store it properly when it’s not in use. If you’re in the market for a shed, our Backyard Shed Package is the perfect storage solution for any lawn mower.

Our Backyard Shed package has durable material and low-maintenance siding means there’s little upkeep needed. The double door and ramp makes getting your mower in and out easy, and it’s LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish resists decay, warping, splitting, and cracking.

In addition to storing your lawn mower, a convenient and secure backyard shed is also perfect for safekeeping your edger, trimmer, snow blower, shovels, ladders, lawn decorations, patio furniture, backyard grill, portable fire pit, and more!

Discover Our Backyard Shed Package

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