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The Upside to Buying Factory Direct

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 12, 2015


The Upside to Buying Factory Direct

We are all used to speaking with sales people when we are purchasing a new product, but do we usually enjoy that experience? Here at Dakota Sheds we have chosen to forego sales reps and instead put our focus on quality products, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable staff.

Buying factory direct is a different experience than one we are used to; however, we feel that it can be a great and personalized option for the following reasons:


We love being able to offer competitive pricing to our customers, and one of the ways that we are able to do that is by selling factory direct. Hiring sales representatives would increase our costs, which would in-turn force us to increase our prices. Instead we are able to offer very high quality buildings at cheaper prices than many of our competitors.


When you purchase a shed through Dakota Storage, you will be in contact with people who can make decisions and offer solutions. We will be able to discuss your options directly with you and find personalized ways to ensure that you get a shed that you will love. Typically sales representatives do not have those capabilities, and it can be a waste of time for everyone involved.


When you speak with someone at Dakota Storage, you are speaking with a very knowledgeable representative rather than a disconnected dealer. Our employees are working from the factory location, and they are in a better position to answer your questions that way. They are involved in the day to day operations of the company and very familiar with the products.

You can visit any of our display lots to get an idea of which products appeal to you, and then we would be happy to speak with you further about your options at any point. You can request a quote or simply call us at (888) 832-6889.

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