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Transform Your Backyard Shed into an Art Studio

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 10, 2015


Transform Your Backyard Shed into an Art Studio

Whether you are a professional artist or simply like to paint in your spare time, you will often find yourself needing space for an art studio. Creating art often means that you need quiet space where you can get messy, and a lot of times a spare room inside your house is not ideal.


Transforming your backyard shed into an art studio is a simple and fun solution! You can splatter as much paint as you want, keep all of your supplies out and in one place, and disappear to the backyard whenever creativity strikes.



Below are a few things to consider when turning your backyard shed into a unique art shed.



Sheds come with a
variety of options. If you already have a shed or are considering buying a new shed, take into account how much space you have or how much space you will need. You will want enough room to be able to be comfortable and productive. This will look different depending on your style. If you use charcoal to create small portraits, you will not need the same space as someone who creates large landscapes using paint. 



Plan out how you are going to use the space while considering storage for your art supplies, storage for completed artwork, and work space. Consider how you would like your space to function and then pick up some pieces that you may need. The nice thing about creating an art shed is that it is all meant to get messy - pick up a desk, chairs, and shelving at a yard sale knowing that it will be splattered with paint soon anyway.



You will want to be comfortable within your new art studio space. Check on local ordinances regarding running electricity so that you can keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Clean out the space so that you have a dirt free art shed that you will actually enjoy being in. Also, be sure to add inspiration to your new art shed - these could be photos, other artwork, pictures of family, or even inspirational decor.



As usual, make the space your own so that your investment pays off when you use it day after day, year after year!


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