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How to Turn Your Shed Into A Summer Pool House

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 30, 2016

Turn Your Shed Into A Summer Pool House

Turn Your Shed Into A Summer Pool House

Do you have a shed and a pool? If so, how awesome would it be if your shed was transformed into the perfect summer pool house? Here are some tips to get you started.

Relocate your junk.

Your shed may be full of storage right now, so you’ll need to organize and relocate these items. This is also a great time to throw away things that are broken or that you no longer use or need. This part of the shed conversion process could very well be the most daunting.

Pay attention to building codes.

A shed usually requires a building permit and if it’s going to be used as a pool house, it may also need to be a prescribed number of feet away from the pool, a figure that's often based on the depth of the water. Always check your city or county's building codes before proceeding.

Consider privacy.

Make sure there is a privacy screen or a lock on the door and blinds on the windows so that guests can change into and out of their swimsuits in privacy.

Include conveniences.

Keep a supply of drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and dry towels in your pool house. Also make sure you have a trash can and cleaning supplies for spills and messes. Make sure to store snacks properly so that pests are not attracted to your poolside cabana.

Build in ample storage.

Pool gear and accessories can accumulate quickly, so make sure you have plenty of storage. Utilizing functional furniture such as storage benches keep things tidy but also provide seating. Also make sure pool noodles, goggles, and other pool items are easily accessible.

Perhaps you have a shed that you want to convert into the perfect pool house. If so, good luck and have fun in the process! If you don’t have a shed but would like to buy one, check out our Porch style sheds, perfect for a poolside cabana.

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