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The Ultimate ATV Storage Shed

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 11, 2015


Our storage buildings are ideal for storing ATV gear and working on repairs.

We have entered into fall; the weather is cooling off and turning into perfect riding weather. It will be time to spend your weekends riding instead of boating, which means that you can create the ultimate ATV storage shed to use throughout the fall.


Dakota Storage has garage style sheds that allow you to store everything related to your ATVs and motorcycles. 



Boots, goggles, helmets, jackets, gloves, and all of your other riding gear gets filthy after a day on the trails - it's supposed to! A muddy pile of gear means that everyone had a fun day, but nobody wants it dragged into the house. You can set up space in your ATV garage style shed for all of your gear, and you can include a clean up station as well. It might make sense to install a washer & dryer into your ATV shed, or at least a hose to spray things down before taking them into the house. Once they are clean, they go right back into the garage so that they are ready to grab the next time you are ready to head out for a day of riding.


ATVs and motorcycles require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and it can be hard to find the space to work on your vehicles without a garage. Adding a garage style shed to your property allows you to set up a workshop in your backyard so that you can work on your vehicles whenever it is convenient for you. All of your tools and supplies can be kept organized in your four wheeler storage space so that you can work quickly and get back outside to do the fun part. 


Off-road vehicles can be very valuable, and it is important to keep them stored in a safe place. A four wheeler storage shed can provide protection from theft, from the elements, and from pests. We have a few options to customize your garage style shed so that you can make sure it works perfectly for you and your vehicles.


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