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Using a Shed to Create Unique Outdoor Living Spaces

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 05, 2015


Unique Outdoor Living Spaces

There are plenty of ways that you can use your shed as a great storage space, but what about using your shed as an outdoor living space?

People are beginning to realize that owning a shed can open the door to increased living space. Here are a few fun ideas.

Outdoor Office

If you work from home, bring your work home, or have hobbies that involve an office space, than you would probably love having a great home office space. A lot of us tend to throw a desk in a corner and consider that our office space, but if you think outside the box, consider transforming a shed into an outside office. Creating an outdoor office means that you don’t have to take over a spare bedroom, clutter the kitchen table, or kick the car out of the garage. And another great benefit is that outdoor office space in a shed could be tax deduction!

Outdoor Bar

Picture having a backyard barbecue. Everyone is crowded around the food and the drinks, and no one is spending any time out in your gorgeous backyard. You could turn your outdoor shed into an outdoor bar area. You can create a great space with wine racks, storage for glasses, collections of favorite recipes, and some snacks.

She Shed

This trend has started popping up on Pinterest, and we love how creative people are getting with it! It has become so popular that Jimmy Fallon even mentioned She Sheds on The Tonight Show. Basically a She Shed is the woman’s answer to a Man Cave. They are beautifully decorated with a lot of bright, feminine colors and cozy touches. A She Shed can basically be whatever you want it to be—a glamorous outdoor lounge area, a place for afternoon tea, a gardener’s wonderland, or anything else that you would love to have in your own backyard. Find a cute shed and make it yours!

Children’s Playhouse

Whether you have children or grandchildren, you understand how much children love playhouses. A simple hideaway to call their own lends itself to hours of fun and joy. You can turn your shed into an outdoor playhouse for the children & accessorize it accordingly. Many playhouses need a kitchen set and baby dolls to take care of, but you could also turn it into a Lego hut or a toy car garage just as easily!

Backyard Library

There is something to enchanting and inviting about reading nooks, and we know that many times book collections can start to overrun your house. A solution could be to turn your outdoor storage shed into an outdoor library. Choose some comfortable furniture and pillows, line the walls with bookshelves, and pick out some battery powered lighting. They even sell battery operated chandeliers. You will have a quiet, outdoor retreat that everyone can enjoy.

For other ideas, check out our Pinterest page.

Creating these amazing spaces means that you will need a quality shed to start.  Find one of our display locations near you and pick a shed that will meet your needs. 

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