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When Is the Best Time of the Year To Buy a Storage Shed?

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on February 09, 2021

When Is the Best Time of the Year To Buy a Storage Shed?

Don't Wait to Order Your Garden Shed

Whether you need a garden shed for your plants, pots, and garden tools, a utility shed for your lawn mower, snow blower, and ladder, or overflow space for your holiday decor and plastic storage bins, we can all agree that getting a durable building at the best price in the ideal time frame is what everyone wants. 

Since the shed season is cyclical, when is the best time to buy a shed? How can I get ahead of a potentially long wait time and get the best price? If I need a shed for this summer, when do I need to place my order to get it in time?

Many factors go into the right time to buy a storage shed, including availability and weather. However, in regards to the wait time and pricing, there are times that optimal buying opportunities are throughout the year. This post will cover the "best time to buy" seasons and typical buying phases in the midwest since that's our primary demographic. Plus, we'll share when it's the best time to buy a Dakota Storage Buildings shed.

Buying Sheds in the Spring

Buying Sheds in the Spring

Since winter is the off-season for shed buying, many shed retailers become strapped for cash. To improve cash flow, they often offer spring buying incentives. For instance, Costco has been known to offer $200 off their list price in the early spring months. Bear in mind that just because you get a great deal doesn't mean that your shed will be delivered quickly. Because many take advantage of such deals, the delivery timeframe can be less than ideal.

Buying Sheds in the Summer

Buying Sheds in the Summer

Many shed shoppers don't consider buying a shed until the summer months hit. It isn't until people are wrangling their lawn equipment or organizing gardening tools that they realize they want to make the purchase. Because of this, there is often a summer rush. Unfortunately, shoppers mistakenly assume that there's a quick turnaround for shed ordering and delivery. However, that's not usually the case. If you order a semi-custom or fully-custom shed in late spring or early summer, there will likely be a wait time for construction and delivery.  

Buying Sheds in the Fall

Buying Sheds in the Fall

For many home improvement stores, shed retailers, and shed manufacturers, the end of their peak shed buying season is when they're willing to offer discounts or clearance prices. Doing this helps them to get in as many sales as possible before the year closes. It may not be the best time to have a shed delivered, but it could be the best time to purchase one. 

Plus, for those retailers that keep a physical inventory, offering price cuts is a way to eliminate the need for winter maintenance, and it helps to clear space for next year's models. 

Discounts, Clearance, & Display Models

Like other industries, some retailers offer holiday discounts or sales. Keep an eye out for Memorial Day sales, Veteran Day sales, and as alluded to above, end of year clearances. Following your favorite shed retailer, home improvement store, or shed manufacturer on social media is usually enough to find out information regarding events and sales like these.

Many times shed retailers and manufacturers will sell display models at cheaper prices. If you're not set on a particular design, interior layout, or color pallet, this could be a good option for you. When are display models usually available for sale? That's the problem. While timing for shed sales are generally predictable, there's no way to know when retailers will sell display models. It may be worth a call to several retailers to find out if they plan to sell any of their on-site models.

Buying a Shed from Dakota Storage Buildings

Buying a Shed from Dakota Storage Buildings

Weather in the midwest is unpredictable — like frost in September and snow in April. Because of this, many shed shoppers think they should wait until at least May when the ground is thawed and hard to buy their shed. However, that could be too late, especially if you want your custom shed by June. 

Typically we see several phases within the storage shed buying cycle.

  • The first phase is the winter slump from November through February. This is usually a slow time in the shed world, but it is ideal to start looking at sheds and getting a feel for what you want. You can order early with the understanding that it won't be delivered until the weather clears. The pro of doing this is that you know your shed will be built on time. And, if there is a break in the weather and your shed's foundation is prepped, you may be able to get your shed earlier than expected.
  • The second phase is the spring rush from March to May. People are out of hibernation and excited about the warmer weather. This is when inquiries start to pick up, and orders pour in. It might be the rainy season, but rain typically doesn't delay the delivery process. 
  • The third phase is summer, which is typically June, July, August, and early September. During this time, orders are steady, and construction is in full swing. Also, now is when orders can start to bottleneck as demand outweighs capacity.  
  • The fourth phase is the fall, which stretches from late September to October. This phase includes late orders. During this timeframe, those who place orders hope the summer rush has slowed down enough to get their shed before the first frost when foundation prep and shed delivery become virtually impossible.

At Dakota Storage Buildings, our lead time can be as short as 4 weeks during the winter and spring phases and as long as 12 weeks during the peak spring and fall phases. It's beneficial to place your order 6-8 weeks before you need it. For instance, if you want a semi-custom shed from our Shed Collection or a fully-custom shed that you design with our online configuration tool, plan to place your order by May if you want it to be in place and ready to use this June.  The turnaround for our pre-built stock sheds is generally quicker since they're already constructed and only need to be delivered. For a real-time construction and delivery estimate, give our team a call. 

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To learn about our shed buying process — from shed ordering, permit securing, foundation laying, and delivery day details — check out Our Process page. 

In Every Instance, the Sooner You Order Your Shed, the Better

A quality shed is always a good investment. Why not choose to order a storage shed before the busy summer months when wait times are longer? Get the storage shed you want and in the timeframe you desire by ordering well in advance of other shoppers. Your shed could be delivered and fully functional before your friends even realize they want one. Order soon, and you'll be free to enjoy your shed during the warm sunny months when you spend the most time outside.

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