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When to Choose Premium ProStruct Flooring

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 21, 2015


When to Choose Premium ProStruct Flooring

Dakota Storage buildings come with the potential for great additional features that can be found here. In this post, we will focus on the benefits and uses of the Premium ProStruct Flooring.   


LP ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® helps to maximize the structural longevity of your building by safeguarding your structure’s sub-floor with moisture-repellent coating. ProStruct’s treated wood stain technology with SmartGuard minimizes cracking, which allows for the application of coverings directly to the sub-floor without the need for additional surface layering.


But what does that mean for you…


Moisture-repellent flooring is a great feature for your typical, everyday backyard storage shed. It is easier to clean, it looks nicer, and it is very durable. Durable flooring that is resistant to pests and fungus means that your storage building will remain standing securely for longer; therefore, protecting your investment.


If you are using your storage shed as a pool shed, then ProStruct moisture-repellent flooring becomes even more important. You will be storing wet items and walking through your shed after jumping out the pool, which could harm standard shed flooring.


Many of our customers purchase Dakota garages to store their boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes, and other water vehicles. These garages are meant to make your life more convenient, which means that you are regularly taking your gear and vehicles in and out of the shed without worrying about drying anything off. You shouldn’t have to worry about damaging your flooring, and again this is where the ProStruct premium flooring with SmartFinish comes into play.


Maybe you are not into water sports, but instead you love working on cars. Oil spills and grease come with the territory and quickly seep into untreated flooring leaving odors and a less than desirable appearance. ProStruct flooring makes cleaning up easier and lets you worry more about fixing your car and less about the clean-up process.


Many other uses for your shed or garage - workshop, art shed, living space - could benefit from the ease, appearance, and quality of the ProStruct flooring.


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