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How to Winterize Your Shed

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on November 27, 2015


No matter how well your shed is built, it still needs to be properly maintained and winterized. 

Your shed is a valuable investment. Be sure to winterize your shed now before the harshest winter weather arrives. Here are steps to take that will minimize potential damage to your shed and the items stored inside.

Clean It Out


As you clean out your shed, look at your stored items to be sure everything can endure the colder weather. You may want to swap out warmer weather tools and equipment for colder weather items like shovels, snow blowers, or even sleds. If you leave unused equipment in the shed, be sure to empty the gas and oil out of them in preparation for winter.


The other important reason for cleaning out your shed is so that you can better inspect it.

Inspect the Interior


Once the shed is cleaned out, you will be able to check for any potential problems and patch them or fix them as needed. When checking the interior of your shed, you will want to inspect the walls, examine the roof, and check hidden areas like shelving or wall hangings. Focus on the seams and use a flashlight to make sure you don’t miss anything. Identifying weak spots or potential problems allows you to correct them before they become a bigger issue.

Inspect the Exterior


It has probably been awhile since you did an up-close inspection of your storage shed. Your shed might look fine, but examining the exterior more closely could definitely pay off. The roof is a key area to inspect. Overhanging trees or other elements can accelerate the creation of weak spots, and the upcoming winter weather will certainly put the roof to the test.

Fix Problem Areas


If the roof needs work, make sure that you take proper safety precautions. You will be able to patch roof leaks, reattach curled back shingles, or even replace shingles that are rotten or missing altogether. Caulk or expanding foam insulation can be used to fix any open areas in the seams or foundation. You may also want to repaint your shed to protect it from the elements after making necessary patches and repairs.

Once you inspect and reorganize your shed, you will be fully prepared for whatever this winter has in store. Your belongings will be easily accessible, yet protected, and you will continue to get your money’s worth out of your shed.

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