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Your Favorite 7 Blog Posts of 2015

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on December 31, 2015


Your Favorite 7 Blog Posts of 2015

This year our blog has covered everything from tips and hints to how-tos and best practices. Check out our Top 7 blog posts below (ranked in descending order). These are the ones that you, our followers and customers, have enjoyed the most. And now they’re all together in one spot for your convenience.

7) Buying a Shed vs. Building a Shed 
Here are a few reasons why we believe that buying a storage shed is often a better option than building your own. We’ll tell you what is needed to build your own shed, and why you may want to reconsider taking on such a large DIY project.

6) Unique Outdoor Living Spaces 
There are plenty of ways that you can use your shed as a great storage space, but what about using your shed as an outdoor living space? People are beginning to realize that owning a shed can open the door to increased living space. Here are a few fun ideas.

5) 5 Common Storage Shed Mistakes 
We tend to treat our backyard sheds as a catch-all... a place to throw our junk and shut the door. Once you get into that habit, it is frustrating to find anything, things get lost and ruined, and you dread having to open the doors. What can you do to fix this cycle?

4) 5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Shed 
Use these organizational tips to plan a strategy that will help you keep the shed looking nice... once and for all.

3) Buying a Garage - One Way to Make this Winter Easier 
When the beautiful weather of spring and summer ends, many of us dread the realities of a potentially harsh winter ahead. Despite the challenges, there is one solution that could make your life a lot easier this winter: buy a garage. Here are two reasons why having a garage on your property can make your winter easier.

2) The Upside to Buying Factory Direct 
At Dakota Storage Buildings our focus is on quality products, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable staff. Buying factory direct is less expensive, highly-personalized, and often has the best customer service. Read this post to learn more about our options and payment plans.

1) Storage Shed vs. Storage Unit 
Storing your belongings in a rented storage unit can be expensive and inconvenient. In this post, you will learn why financing your own storage shed is better than paying for a rented storage unit.

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2015 was a great year; here’s to an even greater 2016!

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