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10 Storage Shed Organization Ideas for a More Functional Space

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on December 14, 2022

10 Storage Shed Organization Ideas for a More Functional Space

If you have a shed, you have a great place for storing a wide range of items. However, many items often find a home there, and this can mean disorganization and crowding. To make the most of all the space in your shed, there are a number of ways that you can organize better and store more items.

Hanging Storage and Storage Behind the Door

The area behind the door of a shed often goes to waste, but it doesn’t have to. There are many organizers that can be installed on the back of the door to hold items of various sizes. For even more storage, install a few of these down the length of the door to give yourself plenty of room for many items.

You can use hooks on the walls to supply you with easy hanging storage. Hooks are easy to put in, and they can hold a lot. This will take up a little wall space, but it’s perfect for items that you use often. It’s great for sports-related items as well as storing winter coats and items like scooters and bikes.

Wall Shelving

Having shelves on the wall allows you to stay very well organized and to store items from small and light to large and heavy. Wall storage in different sizes is available to choose from so you can store your specific items. Have a lot of small stuff? Choose shelves that aren’t very far apart to get the most out of the space.

Baskets and Bins

Using baskets and bins for shed storage is a highly versatile choice. This is a home organization method that many people don’t think about for their shed. You can use them on the shelves to hold smaller items together as well as storing them in other areas. They also make the space look better, giving it an organized and cozy look.

Workbench, Mason Jar, and Overhead Storage

A workbench is a great place to solve multiple problems. These storage shed organization ideas give you a lot of storage, and it gives you a place to work in your shed. Many people like having a workbench in the shed because it’s right there with the tools and supplies that you keep in the shed. You can store items both on top of and underneath the workbench.

Mason jars are ideal for storing a lot of small items. You can keep them on the shelves or on the workbench, or you can glue their lids to the bottom of shelves and screw them into place to hold them. This can give you even more storage space on your shelves.

The area above your head can be utilized by using overhead storage. This type of storage can give you an enormous amount of extra room in your shed without you having to get rid of a thing. While many storage shed organization ideas are great for small to medium-sized items, this is a great area to put bulky items.



Having a pegboard on the wall allows you to place pegs anywhere you like to hold items of every size. There are many outdoor items that have holes for pegs and hooks, including shovels, paint and cleaning brushes, and many tools. You can also hang small shelves and sit items like spray cans and smaller tools on them. This is a highly customizable home organization idea that you may want to use in the garage as well.

Shelves on Wheels

For even better versatility, you can use home organization shelves on wheels. This allows you to change the position where items are being stored as needed. When you get some new items that don’t have shelves yet, you can move your storage on wheels to make room for them. Choose taller, wheeled shelves to get the most storage room you can.

Magnetic Tool Holder

These are simple magnetic strips that you can install virtually anywhere inside your shed. They are perfect storage shed organization ideas for tools that you use often. To put them away, just touch them to the magnetic strip, and the strip will hold them in place. This allows you to get to your tools lightning fast. 

Upgrade Your Storage Organization

As you can see, there are a lot of options to look into so that you can get more out of the same storage space that you have! Whether you want to add storage devices like mason jars or hang shelves to add more space, using some or all of these home organization methods will help keep your shed looking great as well as make it easy to find what you need. If you want to get even further into how to get organized at home, then take a look at our guide.

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