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5 Features Needed in Custom Garden Sheds

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on January 03, 2023


Anyone who enjoys gardening knows that there are numerous tools and supplies needed to take care of plants. From planting to pruning to weeding, the specialized equipment is useful to help move the process along efficiently. Having a designated shed to store your gardening tools, and other lawn care equipment, can minimize clutter and keep everything organized. 

Garden sheds do not have to be boring closets full of tools, but a peaceful escape where you can enjoy your favorite hobby. Creating a space that you love will make gardening even more enjoyable. With a garden shed serving as a focal point for your property, it can give you the much-needed space to pot, propagate and nurture your seedling.

Whether you have been gardening for years or have recently picked up the hobby, investing in a garden shed will provide a designed area to make your own and store your tools. In order for a garden shed to meet your needs, there are some key features you should consider. Here are some of the most desirable and necessary features to make sure are included in your custom garden shed. 

Must-Have Features 

A custom garden shed can help you keep all of your tools organized while providing extra space to tend to your plants. The details are important and set garden sheds apart from other outdoor storage solutions. What exactly should you look for in a garden shed? Here are the top five features that will help set your shed up for success. 

1. Storage Kit

As we mentioned above, numerous tools are needed to maintain your plants or garden. Aside from the equipment like hedge trimmers and shovels, you will need an abundance of pots, soil and fertilizer. These are often dirty and can take up a large amount of space. With a garden shed, equipment can be kept out of sight and organized so you never have to question where to store something again. 

Every Dakota Storage Building custom garden shed will include the option to add on a VersaCaddy Storage Kit. These vertical storage systems are designed to utilize every bit of space. This system is placed between 16 inch on center studs. The 16 Organizer Kit is versatile and will be the best solution to help you keep your custom shed organized. 

2. Workbench 

Do you need a designated area to sit and complete tasks? Or maybe you need extra storage? A workbench serves a two-fold purpose by granting your wish for a workspace and extra storage. A workbench will provide space to store your tools and offer a table to sit at while you pot or propagate your plants. A sturdy tabletop is a necessity for any garden shed. 

In our garden shed Package, a workbench is included to help you accomplish tasks in comfort. The 2-4 foot built-in workbench will be your best friend during long days working in the garden. Add a chair and you will be able to spend hours tending to your plants or equipment without needing to bend over or sit on the ground. 

3. Ramp 

Toting around heavy gardening equipment can be exhausting. Adding a ramp to your custom shed increases accessibility, convenience and versatility. Wheelbarrows and lawnmowers can be stored in the shed along with other gardening supplies without worrying about how you will get it in and out. Simply rolling it up and down the ramp allows you to easily access these large pieces of equipment without having to take up precious space in your garage. 

Dakota Storage Building offers aluminum and wood ramps to best suit your needs. Wooden ramps can be customizable to perfectly coordinate with the exterior of your shed. By keeping the wood’s natural look or staining it, the color can be unique to your shed. An aluminum ramp is a great option for anyone who does not want the ramp to be permanently attached to the shed. These lightweight options are easy to add when needed and then pack up and store in your shed when it is not in use. 

4. Wall Sheathing and Roof

In order for a custom garden shed to have a long life, its framework must be made of the most durable and high-end materials. Dakota Storage Buildings are made with an LP ProStruct® Roof with SilverTech and Wall Sheathing with SilverTech to provide the highest quality without compromising aesthetics. 

The SilverTech finish provides a barrier to protect your wall sheathing from flaking and peeling. Meanwhile, the roof will help keep your custom shed cool throughout the seasons of extreme heat. These radiant barriers provide extra light so you can properly see the inside of your shed with their bright, reflective appearance. 

5. Floors

Having sturdy and protective flooring is essential to prevent damage to your shed. Our high-quality performance-centered flooring is an attractive and durable option for garden sheds. The LP® ProStruct Flooring is specifically designed for sheds so it is made to last during a vast range of climate conditions. 

This high-quality flooring option uses technology to resist warping, splitting and cupping. It has been treated to resist mold, mildew and termite damage. Its easy-to-install design makes it the perfect alternative to traditional plywood flooring that will last through all of the seasons. 

The details are what make a custom garden shed stand out from other storage solutions. Quality and durability are a top priority to ensure that your shed can hold up throughout the changing seasons. Your garden shed will serve as a space for you to escape and spend time doing what you love – and your custom shed should reflect that! Consider investing in a customs shed or an extra large garden shed that is tailored to your needs and maximizes the space to conveniently store all of your gardening equipment. 

Do you want your garden to be set up for success? Consider investing in a custom garden shed to organize your equipment and provide a designated workspace. Configure your own custom shed today


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