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6 Backyard Shed Maintenance Recommendations

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 09, 2020

6 Backyard Shed Maintenance Recommendations

Discover six ways to maintain your shed that will address normal wear-and-tear and prevent damage.

Is your backyard shed — the one that has served you so well for so long — beginning to look a little shabby around the edges? Maybe the paint is peeling. Perhaps there’s a soft spot in the floor. Maybe you have to lift the door up and to the right so that it will close properly. You try not to notice when you go inside to grab a tool or work on your lawn mower, but the truth is staring you in the face. We’ve all been there. 

Perhaps the biggest problem is that your backyard shed isn’t only looking run down. Without a little shed maintenance and TLC, water damage and pests will soon become a serious problem. And the last thing you want is to walk inside and find rusty tools due to a leaky roof or discover that you’re sharing your shed with Mickey Mouse.

You know there are a few things you could do to keep that shed around a little longer; plus, you’re not ready to upgrade to something new just yet. You’re hoping that with the right shed maintenance, you can get a little more time out of the old girl.

Here are six simple tips for backyard shed maintenance that could add years to the life of your backyard shed.

Take care of that siding.

1. Take care of that siding.

The roofing and siding of your backyard shed are the first things people notice. They’re also your primary protectors against the elements, which means they’re also the two most vulnerable areas. When it comes to siding, you should brush and wash it down at least once a year to remove dust, dirt, and mildew. Check for developing cracks or gaps where the windows meet the siding. And be sure to find out what type of paint or stain has been used on your siding if it’s wood paneling to determine how often a fresh coat should be supplied. Keeping the siding maintained properly will go a long way towards extending the life of your backyard shed.

Keep your roof up to date.

2. Check your roof.

Missing or cracked shingles need to be identified, replaced, and repaired as soon as possible. Nothing will cause your backyard shed to deteriorate quicker than a leaky roof. This could cause your caulk seams to crack or your floor rot, not to mention introducing that musty smell of mildew and mold, so make sure you hop on a ladder once a quarter and carefully examine your shingles. You can even replace the entire roof with minimal time and resources. Keeping that roof in perfect condition will preserve the life of your shed and protect everything you’re storing inside of it.

Maintain a sturdy shed floor.

3. Maintain a sturdy shed floor.

If you’ve had your backyard shed long enough, the floor of the shed might have a few soft or rotten areas. It’s essential to replace those areas to stop the spreading rot and keep out pests and varmints who might be interested in turning your shed into their lodging. Here’s a video that will show you exactly how to replace a section of your shed’s floor. Keep that floor in great shape, and your shed will thank you for it with years of faithful service.

Caulk is king.

4. Caulk is king.

To maintain a sealed barrier between you and the outside world, keep an eye on the caulked lines of your backyard shed, paying particular attention to the doors and windows. Drying, cracked, or missing caulk quickly becomes a place where water squeezes through into your workspace. And while your local home center probably carries a million and one varieties of caulk, here’s a guide and a few videos on how to choose the right type and a few videos illustrating the ideal application methods. 

Repel those pests.

5. Repel those pests.

Maybe you’ve already had that feeling when you walk into your shed — the sense that you’re not alone. Perhaps you found some shredded cardboard, chewed wires, or the more prominent presence of a wasp’s nest or an ant infestation. The critical thing to remember is that pests aren’t only annoying; they can quickly damage expensive equipment, compromise the integrity of the structure, and even become an infestation that threatens to make its way from your shed to your home. 

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to keep your shed pest-free: 

  • Keep grass and other vegetation trimmed short around the entire perimeter.
  • Don’t stack firewood against the outside of your shed.
  • Be sure to keep the inside of your shed dry and free of food and crumbs. 

You really want to focus on prevention when it comes to pests because once they’ve breached the outer walls, they can be challenging to eliminate. 

Prepare your shed for the season.

6. Prep your shed for the season. 

If you have running water in or around your shed, be sure to winterize the pipes and prepare for freezing temperatures (if that’s relevant to your climate). As winter approaches, keep your winter accessories like ice scrapers, snow shovels, and snow blowers easily accessible. In the summer, keep your gardening tools at hand. By keeping your shed prepped for each season, you’ll make it easier to maintain. And moving things around in your backyard shed will help you spot small problems in the floor or walls before they become significant. 

Your backyard shed isn’t only a utilitarian place to store tools and equipment. More than likely, it’s become a retreat from the noise and chaos of normal life. Which means it’s an important place to maintain and keep in the best possible condition. If you follow these tips, you’ll extend your shed's life and make sure your tools and accessories stay protected and keep your shed looking new. We even have a shed maintenance checklist you can check out.

So, get to work. Your backyard shed is worth it. 

Ready to replace your backyard shed?

Of course, there comes a time in the life of every shed where replacement is the only option. Caulk, putty, preventive maintenance, and a little elbow grease can only hold your backyard shed together for so long. If you're ready to leap into a brand new space, check out our full range of quality sheds.

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