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8 Garage Improvements to Upgrade & Maximize Your Space

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 19, 2021

8 Garage Improvements to Upgrade & Maximize Your Space

Discover ways to optimize your garage space and make it look and function better. 

If you have a garage, but it's not being used optimally, we have eight ideas that will help you maximize the space and make it look and function better. You deserve to get more out of your garage space. 

Let's look at eight specific ways to breathe new life into your old garage, including flooring, additional storage, workspace, doors, lighting, and more.

Upgrade the Flooring

1. Upgrade the Flooring

Concrete is porous, so if you paint your garage floor with an epoxy finish or seal, it'll gain many more years of use, and vehicle oil won't stain it. This simple DIY step can make a dull concrete floor shine. In addition to floor paint or an epoxy coating, you could make a drastic improvement by laying interlocking floor tiles. They come in various materials, including hard plastic, soft plastic, rubber, and vinyl. All of these options, however, will boost your garage's interior aesthetic.

Overhead Storage 

2. Overhead Storage 

Utilize wasted space with overhead storage. Use ceiling space to store items that you use seasonally or infrequently to free up valuable square footage. You can buy a suspended rack kit, mounted shelf, or hire a company to install a custom loft. Of course, there’s always the option to build your own DIY storage loft. No matter your preference, sturdy and structurally sound overhead storage is a great way to maximize space.

Create a Custom Workspace

3. Create a Custom Workspace

There’s a lot you can do to maximize your workspace area, including using wall-mounted swing panels and a pegboard wall or adding shelving and a shelf bin organizer beside your workbench station. Creating a functional and organized station will keep things orderly, safe, and easy to find.

Check out these workbench and workstation ideas.


4. Utilize Organizational Systems

Buy heavy-duty plastic bins to use for storage, then label each and place them neatly on shelves. The most economical shelving solutions are high-weight-bearing wire or freestanding units. The best options have ventilated shelves to prevent mold and mildew. If you choose freestanding shelves, make sure they're secured to the walls, so they don't tip over. For more wall storage, consider wall-mounted tool storage racks perfect for hanging tools (think brooms, rakes, shovels) or utilizing the vertical space between wall studs with a kit like the VersaCaddy. Using a variety of storage systems will allow you to maximize your space and present a tidy appearance. 

Add an Entry Door

5. Add an Entry Door

If you don't already have a single-door entryway in your garage, it might be worth hiring a contractor to install one. Doing this will eliminate the need to open and close the overhead garage door every time you're going in or out. A separate entrance can be an immediate and considerable improvement.

Add a Skylight

6. Add a Skylight

If you want to maximize natural light inside your garage, adding a skylight could be a great choice. Look for a high-impact, leak-resistant option that will let light in but keep the rain out. Even better, hire a professional to install it. 

To give your natural light a boost, consider painting your garage walls a white or a light color. Bright paint reflects the available light and improves light efficiency.

Install More/Better Lighting

6. Install More/Better Lighting

To add better traditional lighting to your garage, consider having an electrician install two 48-inch shop lights with LED bulbs (at 4,000 lumens apiece, roughly 40 watts) above each car space.

For lighting alternatives, battery-operated lights are inexpensive, conveniently portable, and ideal for dark corners or nooks. No electrical outlet is needed, and no professional installation experience is required. Choose from LED string lights, puck lights, cabinet-style lights, and even LED wall sconces.

Upgrade the Garage Door

8. Upgrade the Garage Door

A heavy garage door that requires muscle to open manually isn't ideal. Instead, upgrade to a lightweight garage door that opens automatically. Maybe your current garage door is newer, but it's making weird noises, opening unevenly, or closing at a snail's pace. These things can usually be fixed and prevented (here are some things you can do to keep your garage door in working order), but sometimes the only real fix is a new garage door. And if you're going to replace it, it might as well invest in one that looks great and has excellent reviews. Check out Copay's premium garage door options.


While this article highlights a few things you can do to maximize your garage space and make it look and function better, there are many other garage improvements ideas that are just as helpful. To move in the right direction, decide on a budget, then prioritize your to-do list.

Once you've updated your garage and you're happy with the results, stay on top of yearly maintenance and cleaning so that it remains clutterless and optimal for use. Check out our cleaning and maintenance tips, then work through the list every spring or more frequently. 

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