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Dakota Kennels Offer Everything Needed for Veterinary Kennels

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 30, 2023

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If you offer boarding facilities, it is essential to provide a secure, spacious, and comfortable environment, especially for larger breeds who need that extra room to roam. As a veterinarian, you may have experienced the challenges of finding the perfect kennels to fit your needs. At Dakota Storage Buildings, we specialize in creating high-quality commercial dog kennels and runs and have mastered the art of providing functional, durable, and comfortable kennels that cater to the needs of every veterinarian. Our kennels have numerous additional features that enhance your ability to offer top-quality care to your patients. From easy-to-clean designs to insulated rooms, Dakota's kennels are the ultimate choice for veterinarians seeking to enhance their boarding facilities.

Success Starts With the Ability To Adapt To Changing Needs To Meet Customer’s Demands Consistently

A successful veterinary clinic can adapt and grow to meet the changing demands of its clientele. This growth is not just about expanding your team or adding more services. It is also about the physical space where you provide care. Kennel housing, in particular, plays a pivotal role in how your clinic operates and the comfort you can offer your patients. Choosing kennels can make a difference to your business, impacting everything from animal well-being to staff efficiency. There is a variety to choose from, and each type offers different benefits and drawbacks. And within each type are myriad choices related to size, design, material, and accessories. 

Veterinary clinics have animals of all sizes and temperaments coming and going. Therefore, durability and longevity are critical factors when considering your veterinary kennel options. Then, there is the question of maintenance and hygiene. Ensuring a clean environment is critical in a veterinary clinic to prevent the spread of disease. Finding a kennel that is easy to clean and maintain is essential. Choosing a kennel that best fits your needs can propel your clinic's growth, enhancing your ability to provide the best care for your furry patients. 

Set Veterinary Kennels Apart With Unique Features

When choosing commercial dog kennels and runs, you should find a solution that combines practicality, durability, and comfort, ensuring the well-being of the animals in your care while optimizing your daily operations. Sanitation should be an essential element in every veterinary kennel. An easily cleanable kennel helps maintain the required hygiene standards, preventing the spread of diseases among your patients. Kennels designed with non-absorbent materials, smooth surfaces, and easy access points make regular cleaning less laborious and more effective. The kennel and run flooring is another essential feature to look for. This flooring should be safe for the animals, comfortable under their paws, and easy to clean. 

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Veterinary clinics need durable kennels that can withstand the regular daily use of a bustling practice. The kennel should be resilient enough to handle the energetic behavior of dogs while also resisting wear and tear. Welded wire fencing can provide a secure enclosure to prevent escapes while standing up to chewing and clawing. It also allows for good visibility and ventilation, enhancing the comfort of the animals.

Comfort is key in any boarding facility. An insulated kennel is energy-efficient, helping you maintain the optimal temperature cost-effectively. Insulation also offers a quieter environment, muffling external noises that may stress the animals. However, insulation is not the only thing that promotes comfort. The details can make a huge difference. Resting shelves provide a comfortable space for dogs to lounge while food and water bowl holders keep feeding areas tidy and prevent bowls from being knocked over.

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Expand Your Services and Client Satisfaction

Enhanced services like superior boarding facilities can help your business stand out and attract more clients. Upgraded veterinary kennel service can make a significant difference, especially for larger dog breeds, which often require extra space and consideration. If your veterinary clinic does a lot of boarding for larger dog breeds, Dakota commercial kennels can be an excellent upgrade. These kennels are spacious, offering larger dogs the room they need to stretch out and move freely. More than just a cage, a kennel should feel like a home away from home for your canine clients, and the more comfortable and content they are, the more satisfied your clients will be.

The features in Dakota’s kennels ensure the comfort and well-being of the pets and translate into less worry and more peace of mind for the pet owners. If pet parents know that their furry friends are enjoying their stay in a spacious, comfortable, and safe kennel, they are more likely to be at ease and keep choosing your services. Offering these premium kennels as an upgraded service also allows you to introduce tiered pricing in your clinic. This creates a new revenue stream, as you can charge more for placements in these larger kennels. Clients willing to pay a premium for their pets' comfort and safety will appreciate having the option to choose a more luxurious boarding experience.

Dakota Kennels: Superior Boarding Facilities

Regarding superior, purpose-built commercial dog kennels and runs, Dakota Storage Buildings has established itself as an industry leader. Our kennels are designed with careful consideration of the needs of both the animals and their caregivers, making them a favored choice for numerous veterinarians. Here are some unique features that set Dakota kennels apart from others in the market.

Insulated Room: Dakota kennels feature an insulated room that ensures your furry guests' comfort, regardless of outside weather conditions. In addition to leak-resistant roofing and siding, the interior insulated room provides a waterproof, windproof, and temperature-controlled space. The insulation helps maintain a stable, comfortable temperature, crucial in keeping the animals stress-free and healthy. 

Welded Wire Fencing: Safety and durability are key considerations in Dakota kennels' design. Our kennels feature sturdy welded wire fencing that is safe for dogs yet strong enough to withstand regular daily use. It is resistant to chewing and clawing and withstands all weather conditions. The mesh design provides excellent visibility and ventilation, adding to the animals' comfort.

Feeder Bowls: In a busy veterinary clinic, feeding time can be hectic. Dakota kennels have purpose-built feeder bowls that make this daily task more manageable. The commercial kennels feature 2-3 stainless steel bowls, each held securely with a steel bracket and hinged rod. This design eliminates the possibility of bowls being knocked over, keeping veterinary kennels cleaner and more hygienic.

Run With Composite Decking: Physical activity is essential for dogs, and Dakota Kennels offer the perfect solution with outdoor runs equipped with composite decking. The decking is durable and weather-resistant, ensuring it maintains its appearance and functionality over time. It provides a safe and comfortable surface for the dogs to move around, play, or simply bask in the sun. Even though the interior windows allow sunlight and fresh air to enter the kennel, this dedicated outdoor space gives dogs the freedom to roam, ensuring a happier, healthier stay.

Providing Extra Care to Your Clients

In the world of veterinary care, pet owners now seek more than just medical attention for their furry friends. They expect and appreciate any additional care and comfort that clinics provide. This is where your choice of boarding facilities comes into play, and Dakota's dog kennels can make a difference for your business. Choosing Dakota commercial dog kennels and runs elevates the standard of care you provide. Our kennels, with their insulated feeding rooms, outdoor runs, and exterior chain link panels, have been designed to address the specific needs of dogs, particularly the larger breeds. 

Offering these enhanced facilities communicates to your clients that you are genuinely invested in their pets' well-being. Investing in high-quality veterinary kennels is an investment in your clinic's future, showing your clients that their pets' comfort and care are your top priorities. If you want to take your veterinary clinic to the next level, we are here to help. Contact our sales team for more information and advice tailored to your needs.

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