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Garden Tool Storage to Get You Ready for Spring

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 02, 2023

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As spring draws closer, and many gardeners are counting down the days until they get to work in their yards again. While the excitement is growing, there are some steps you can take now to ensure you are fully prepared and ready to get straight to work. One of the best ways you can prepare is to ensure all of your tools and equipment are clean and organized and do not need to be replaced. Taking this step to ensure your garden tool storage is in excellent condition allows you to focus on what really matters when spring rolls around. Let’s look at some of our best home organization tips to help ensure every garden tool has a proper home.

Don’t Get Left Behind with the Winter Cold; Prepare for Spring Blooms

Winter is quickly fading and being replaced with warm, spring weather. Without the frigid temperatures, it is finally time to venture back out into your garden. From delicate flowers to delicious vegetables, there are so many options to plant in the spring. However, going through your equipment is one of the first tasks every gardener faces at the beginning of a new season. Ensuring your tools, seeds, and equipment are safely stored and organized for easy access will make your time in the garden much more enjoyable. No one wants to spend precious time rummaging through tools to find their tried and true hand trowel. Instead, utilize a garden shed to ensure everything you need has a designated space.

Garden Tool Storage Ideas 

Let’s face it, gardening is an enjoyable hobby but requires a lot of space and time. Not only do you need an area in your yard to plant your seeds, but you also need space to store all of your equipment. Your garage can be a short-term solution, but you may need a designated space solely for your gardening tools in the long run. Garden sheds are the perfect solution to hold all your necessary tools. It creates a separate space to keep your equipment safe and organized all year long. When your tools are properly stored when you are not using them, it will prevent rust from finding its way onto the metal. If this happens, you may end up having to purchase all new tools before you can begin planting. Plus, garden tool storage sheds eliminate the stress of unpacking and sorting through your equipment each season. 

Storage Hacks to Maximize Space

Having an organized storage shed can help you spend less time gathering your supplies and more time tending to your plants. Expensive tools need to be properly cared for and how to get organized at home. With garden tool storage, there are numerous ways you can ensure your space is clutter-free. Many home organization techniques can translate to your garden shed. Shelves and overhead storage are great ways to utilize tall walls and ceilings. Our top three favorite storage hacks are perfect for gardening tools and supplies. 

1. Pegboards

Pegboards and hooks are a perfect way to utilize wall space. Instead of piling your tools on the ground or workbench, having a wall to hang almost anything will clear up the floor while keeping your tools visible. Be sure to purchase hooks, or tool hangers, that will fit into the pegboard holes. Once the pegboard and hooks are installed, it will become one of your favorite features in your garden tool storage shed. 

2. Compact Potting Benches

While many seeds can be planted in the ground, some may require potting. Bending over or kneeling to add the soil and seeds can take a toll on your back. Having a compact potting bench or full-sized workbench can be a lifesaver. Potting and caring for your plants while standing or sitting in a chair will be much more sustainable throughout the season.  

3. Storage Boxes 

Boxes and bins are the standard, go-to organization method for a reason. Storage boxes make it easy to store larger tools that you may not use as frequently. Plus, these boxes can stack on top of each other to reduce the square footage it takes up. Fertilizer and soil can be easily stored in these containers to prevent a messy shed and unwanted odor. 

Are You Ready for Spring?

Many gardeners are counting down the days until they can begin working outside. However, before any soil can be laid or planted, you must ensure that you have all the necessary tools. A garage can only hold so much equipment if it serves as a catch-all storage space. An outdoor garden shed can be an oasis by providing a designated space to store your tools and care for your plants. Being ready and prepared for spring gardening does not have to be overwhelming. Simple steps towards increasing organization can help you feel ready for any gardening season. 

Home Organization Made Easy 

The spring cleaning bug is real and is not exclusive to gardening tools or outdoor sheds.  A mass purge and taking steps to increase organization can help you move on from hibernating and feel prepared for the new seasons. However, spring cleaning does not have to be overwhelming. Reclaiming your space can be easy with helpful storage tips. If you want every area of your home to feel organized and ready for spring, check out our guide, 6 Storage Ideas for Home Organization.

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