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How to Get Organized at Home

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 04, 2022

How to Get Organized at HomeWhether your family is growing, your space feels like it’s shrinking, or any other of the many reasons why it seems like you just have too much stuff, it is time to organize and create more room to live in at home. After all, home is supposed to be your sanctuary, your safe space, your refuge from what can be a crazy outside world. And if you work from home, have school aged kids, or both, the stuff just seems to be mounting around you. 

To get organized and feel like you can breathe in your happy home again, you will need a strategic approach with a few helpful tips. Before you know it, your space will be your own again, and all of your things will be where they belong, out of your way. 

6 Strategies to Organize Your Home

Before you begin home organization, you need to come to terms with the reality that you have gotten to this point, where you feel overwhelmed by too much stuff in your space. 

This means that you are now willing to take drastic measures in order to have peace in your home once more. Which brings us to the first step. 

Throw It Away

If you come from a long line of practical utilitarian types, it can be challenging to figure out how to get organized at home. This is because it is difficult to part ways with items that may be useful. You are sure you can find a use for this old metal box, or that out of date computer. There is always something that can be done with older things, right?

Sure, but you also have to be practical in this sense: are you going to find use for this item in the next year? Do you have the time in your life to make use of or repair something that is out of date and serves no function in the immediate future? If your answer to both of these questions is “no,” it is time to create a junk pile and plan for a dump run. 

Sell It

Yes, you can create a post on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and see if anyone wants to make use of your junk, but again, you need time and energy to make that happen, and it is time to get really honest with yourself. Your top priority has to be creating space for your peace of mind. So if you will not use it in the next year, get serious about either selling it or tossing it. 

Review Your Current Storage Space

Now that you have committed to throwing out, or giving away or selling, what you will not use in the next year, and of course only what you do not hold near and dear to your heart, it is time to get creative with your current storage space

Take a look at closets and cupboards, garage space, and even open spaces under beds and other furniture. Before you take this step, you will also want to revisit what you already have stored there. 

Do you have items you have not touched in years? Things you meant to get to, or were sure you would use, that you simply never returned to? Yes, it is time to either toss or sell those items too. You will find you now have more space than you realized. 

For items like holiday decorations or other seasonal things, you can store those away in the attic or garage. For things you need to have on hand regularly but do not want in your immediate space, clear out closets and nearby cupboards. 

Invest in Containers and Labels

For all of your items, you will want to keep them organized and stored in a way that you can access them easily and identify them on sight. 

Invest in clear containers and labels as well as file cabinets for important documents. 

Take your time sifting through and organizing your items by importance and access. 

Group Items by Category and Importance

Group your things together so you know where each category is stored; for example, arts and crafts in one space, important legal documents in another, linens in one space, seasonal clothes in another, and so on. 

Consider a Shed

Finally, if you find you still simply do not have enough space to store all of the items you simply must have, consider the benefits of using a storage shed. A storage shed may be what you need to figure out how to get organized at home.

Ultimately though, even if making a big purchase like a shed is not right for you, there are still plenty of options to go to! That is why we have you covered. So make sure to check out our guide on home organization tips!

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