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How To Prep Your Backyard For Shed Delivery

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 23, 2017


Here's how to lay a proper shed foundation, plus insight into how delivery works.

Before your shed can be delivered, there are two things that must happen—the proper building permit must be secured and a foundation needs to be laid.

Whether you’re laying your shed's foundation or hiring someone to do it for you, ensure the site is properly prepared and perfectly leveled. An unleveled foundation will cause the frame of the shed to twist which can cause complications or damage.

How to properly lay a shed foundation

1. Choose the area where you want your shed placed, measure the space, and remove vegetation. Make sure the foundation’s perimeter is slightly larger than the shed itself and that the depth extends past the frost line.

2. Construct a temporary frame around foundation’s perimeter. We suggest using 2x4 ft. lumber to build the frame.

3. Fasten the frame to wooden or steel stakes from the outside to ensure easy removal of the frame after it is filled.

4. Fill the frame with at least 3-4 in. of your base material. (Many choose Class 5 gravel or concrete as their base material. While a gravel foundation is usually sufficient, some feel that a concrete foundation—although more expensive—is better suited if lawn mowers or ATVs will be stored in the shed.)

5. Slide a straight board back and forth over the top of the temporary frame to level the base material within the frame.

6. While this step is not essential, using a compactor to finish your new foundation will make delivery easier and minimize the settling of the shed over time.

7. It's then optional to remove the temporary frame after the shed is placed.

Regardless of the material you chose for your base, if your site is perfectly level and compacted, you will have a great foundation for your shed.

Download Shed Foundation Instructions

Foundation Steps

Shed delivery process

In order to provide a safe and efficient shed delivery experience, we partner with Dakota Shed Haulers. Here are the steps the delivery team takes when delivering a shed.

1. Once the delivery team arrives at a customer’s home, they'll take the time to walk around the property with the customer in order to see exactly where the new storage building should be placed.

2. The delivery team will then unload the building from the trailer and use the Mule to transport the building through the customer’s yard. The Mule shed mover has a tight turning radius, which is perfect for maneuvering sheds through challenging spaces. The Mule operator has clear visibility of where they are driving and where they are placing the shed.

Shed delivery process-off load from trailer

Shed delivery process-load onto Mule for easy moving

Shed delivery process-place in customer's property

3. Once the team reaches the desired location with the Mule, they'll double check to make sure that they're placing the storage building exactly where it should go.

4. Once the shed is in place, the team will make sure that everything is lined up properly and that all of the windows, doors, and other aspects of the shed are as they should be—and to the satisfaction of the customer—before departing.

Our delivery service is free within 100 miles of our shop (47809 155th St. Milbank, SD 57252) or 20 miles from our display locations. Beyond that there is a $4.25 per mile charge and escort fees may apply for 14′ and 16′ wide buildings.

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