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How to Repair the Cement Floor in Your Garage

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 30, 2016


Read our overview then watch instructional videos.

If you have a garage with a concrete floor, there a good chance that within its lifetime it will experience cracking from expanding and contracting or spalling from environmental stressors. The good news is that many cracks are cosmetic and can be repaired. 

Before beginning any repairs DYI style, read the overview below then watch the two videos that follow. If you want to check out one more resource before getting started, click here to read a detailed description by  

  1. Prepare the surface for repair. If it's spalling, use a hammer and chisel to chip around the perimeter it so that the interior sides are at 90-degree angle with the floor, creating strong "walls" that will hold in the mix. If it's a hairline crack, widen the crack slightly, creating a v-shape which will allow for more efficient cleaning and easier application of the repair compound. 

  2. Make sure the floor in and around the damaged area is clean. Do this by using a shop vac to remove loose debris, then scrub the damaged area well with a bristle or wire brush. This will remove any extra material and will prep the surface for the repair material. You can also apply a liquid cleaner to the damaged area before proceeding (be sure to read the instructions for proper use). 

  3. Apply a sealant if necessary.

  4. Mix the repair compound. Be sure to follow the directions carefully for the product that you're using. 

  5. Spritz the damaged area with water to help the compound to bond with the cement floor.

  6. Using a trowel, apply the mixture and work it thoroughly into the damage area, making sure to fill every crevice and to push out any trapped air. Make sure the surface is as smooth as possible. Scrape off excess with a paint scraper or putty knife. 

  7. Let it set for the required amount of time. Based on the project, setting time could range from 24 hours to 3 days. 

While we do not endorse Quickrete, we find these two step-by-step instructional videos to be very helpful and a useful guide in selecting quick-setting cement repair products.

How to Make Thin Repairs to Damaged Concrete

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