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Our Outdoor Dog Kennels are Perfect for Your Dog

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on August 12, 2021

Our Outdoor Dog Kennel Is Perfect for Your Dog

Anyone who owns a dog can benefit from our Single Dog Kennel.

Having an outdoor kennel is essential for those who own working dogs, especially for breeds that thrive living outdoors. Even non-working dog pet owners can benefit. Having an outdoor kennel provides a way for their dog to access fresh air and go to the bathroom while having the protection of a shelter when owners are away from the house most of the day. Really, anyone who owns a dog can benefit from having an outdoor dog kennel, whether the dog lives in it most of the year, seasonally, during the day, or occasionally.  

Whether you're planning to get a dog soon or you need a new kennel because the one you have now is in rough shape, you're on the hunt. If you're looking for a premium dog kennel that will provide the most value for your money, last a long time, require minimal maintenance, and keep your dog safe, we have just the kennel for you. 

Consider These Things Before Placing Your Kennel Order

Before you order a kennel from us, measure your dog's height, length, and body width, then add 9 inches to the height of your dog and 18 inches to the length (if your dog is still a puppy, you'll want to look up the average full-grown size of a similar breed). These measurements should help you assess the minimum space required for your dog kennel's interior space. If you have any questions or concerns about the size of your dog or kennel, our experienced team is happy to help.

Consider These Things Before Placing Your Kennel Order

Also, be sure to think about where the kennel will be placed on your property. Your decision will likely be based on aesthetics and preference, but the right location for your outdoor dog kennel should also protect your dog. For instance, the kennel should be located far enough from your house so that nighttime barking doesn't keep you awake. Also, make sure it's in an area that will provide shade most of the day to limit sun exposure. Lastly, make sure it's away from drainage areas that collect rainwater. 

When You’re Ready to Order Your Premium Single Dog Kennel

Once you know what size your dog kennel needs to be and where it will be located in your yard, it's time to invest in a quality outdoor home for your pup. We recommend our high-quality Single Dog Kennel. It features an insulated feeding room and exterior dog run with chain link panels. It's everything your dog needs to be safe and happy outside.

Buying a kennel constructed of quality material is essential for longevity and durability. Because we use quality lumber, siding, roofing, and paint, you can expect your dog kennel to be the best in the market. We only sell kennels that are guaranteed to last a long time and protect your dog. When you buy from us, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're buying from experienced builders. Although we're proud of our work and stand behind it, all our kennels come with a limited-time warranty covering any manufacturer deficiencies.  


To make purchasing a premium kennel affordable, we offer payment options, including a no-credit-check financing option. Be sure to explore all of our options to find the right one for you.

When you're ready to buy a Single Dog Kennel, you can choose from our in-stock kennels or contact our friendly sales rep to customize your kennel's paint color and other details to match your home. In both cases, kennels are usually delivered within 3-4 weeks after ordering.  

Ready to buy a single dog kennel and run for your canine? Click the button below to browse our pre-built in-stock dog kennels.

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