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Storage Shed vs Storage Unit

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 29, 2015


Should you buy a storage shed or rent a storage unit?

A big benefit to owning your own outdoor storage shed is that you can reduce clutter within your house. The other common option for storing your belongings is renting a storage unit, which ultimately can be expensive and inconvenient.

In this post, we will outline a few reasons why financing a storage shed is a better option than paying for a storage unit.


Having an off­site storage unit in one of those massive storage buildings requires you to haul your stuff to and from that storage unit. You may need a truck or van to get your things where they need to go, and you have to take the time to load up, drive there, and then drive back. Once your things are in a storage unit, they may as well not exist. It is such a hassle to go retrieve them that they often sit there without being used or appreciated.

Instead, you could have an outdoor storage shed in your own backyard. There is no truck needed; you just need to walk a few steps out your back door. You can store a wide variety of items in your storage shed, & they won’t disappear into an abyss. You will be able to access memories or use functional pieces whenever you may need them.


Storage buildings charge significant monthly fees for your storage unit, & if you ever get behind on your payments you may need to worry about the safety of the items that you have in your storage unit. These monthly fees never end ­ as long as you have the storage unit, you will be paying for it!

The alternative is having a storage shed of your own that you can either pay for outright or choose to finance. Even if you choose to go the financing route where you will have monthly payments, those monthly payments will eventually end. An outdoor storage shed is an investment that will pay off in the long run ­ especially when you choose a high­-quality shed like the Dakota Storage sheds.

The bottom line is—why would you throw money away into a less convenient option when there are better alternatives out there?

We are here to help you find the best shed and pricing option for your particular situation. Contact us today!

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