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The Unexpected Costs of DIY Chicken Coops

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on February 20, 2023

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If you have decided to raise your own chickens, you are in for an exciting adventure. Chickens have specific needs that you will need to consider, yet they can benefit your family. Whether you want fresh eggs or just want to care for a flock for fun, you will be continually learning throughout the process. One of the first things you will need is to get a backyard chicken coop for your flock. While many factors go into deciding which coop is best for your chickens, one of the most important is if you will build the coop yourself or buy one pre-built. Before you make a rushed decision, evaluate each option's cost, time, and quality. While a DIY chicken coop may be initially appealing due to its cheaper cost, there could be most to creation than it may seem. 

Do it Yourself

When you choose to DIY a chicken coop, you will need to factor in the cost, the time it will take, and the shed's overall quality. Some may find this an enjoyable project, while others may not have the time or resources. 


Overall, a DIY chicken coop will be cheaper than a pre-built option. However, there are numerous tools and supplies that you will need to purchase if you do not already own them. There are multiple options for those wanting to build a chicken coop themselves. A DIY kit can be beneficial to have all the materials at your disposal, but it will cost more than recycled materials. 


DIY projects have the potential to take more time than you originally planned, especially with a project as big as building a chicken coop. The project could take weeks to complete if you consider designing, planning, and building it on your own. Another thing to consider is how the weather will affect your timeline. Building a structure will take multiple days; some materials may not do well if exposed to rain or snow. If you can complete the project in a consecutive amount of time or back-to-back days, it would help streamline the process. However, some may not have enough spare time to finish the project quickly.  


When building your backyard chicken coop, you control every aspect of the coop’s quality and design. This may be one of the most appealing factors in building your coop. If you have a vision or want your coop to match the style of your home, designing a DIY coop would give you the freedom to make it unique. When you build your coop, you can choose which materials you use. However, the benefits of using high-quality materials will not go far if they are not installed properly. When you build a coop, you will need to know or learn how to install shingles, frame a wall, and build necessary coop features. If you are not comfortable learning how to do these things, buying a pre-built shed may be the better option. 

Buying a Chicken Coop

Pre-built backyard chicken coops offer a convenient and high-quality option for those who want to save time. While DIY chicken coops have their benefits, many choose a pre-built coop, knowing it will last for years. 


A pre-built coop will likely always be more expensive than a DIY option. However, there is a reason these coops are priced higher. When you buy a pre-built coop from a reputable company, you can be reassured that it will last for years. If a pre-built backyard chicken coop is cheap, there is a reason why and you should look for a different option. Many do not have the time, tools, or skills to build a coop. When that is the case, paying more for a hassle-free experience can be appealing. Based on the number of chickens in your flock, you may be able to purchase a smaller pre-build coop that is within your budget. 


The time it takes to purchase and install a pre-built coop is one of the biggest reasons people choose to buy one instead of making it a DIY project. Life is busy, and building a coop takes time and commitment. When you buy a coop, all you have to do is wait for it to be delivered. If you want to own chickens quickly, buying a coop is the best option to get their home ready for their arrival. 


When you invest in a pre-built, competitively priced coop, it will likely come with a warranty. This will assure you that the coop will last, giving your flock a comfortable home for years to come. You will want to ensure that the company you are ordering from only offers top-of-the-line products and partners with credible suppliers for their materials. If that is the case, you can rest easy knowing that the coop is durable and reliable in any climate.

Finding the Best-fit Coop

Figuring out which type of coop is best for your flock can be challenging. Both DIY and pre-built coops have pros and cons. However, Dakota Storage Buildings only offers the highest quality chicken coops so you can be reassured that your flock is happy in their home. When you purchase from us, you will get a premium coop and exceptional customer service. 

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