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5 Reasons Why Working Dogs Are Happy in Outdoor Dog Kennels

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on April 19, 2022


Using an outdoor dog kennel can set clear boundaries and help your working dog receive praise for a job well done.

In the working world, bosses are often advised to avoid chummy friendships with their employees. Does the same logic apply as the owner of a working dog? Without question, you want your dog to be safe and well-cared for, but should he be allowed in the house? 

Many experienced owners of working dogs believe that dogs are perfectly happy in outdoor dog kennels. In fact, some believe an outdoor dog kennel is the superior solution. There are several factors to consider and, in the end, it's a personal decision with no single right or wrong answer. As you weigh the pros and cons for your situation, let’s explore five reasons why farm or hunting dogs may enjoy living the outdoor life full time.

1. Working Dogs Thrive In Outdoor Dog Kennels

Dogs enjoy fresh air and feel at home in nature. It’s in their DNA. Some dogs who are left alone in the house for long periods of time may actually wish they could be outside instead with 24/7 access to “go” when nature calls and the freedom to enjoy full view of the great outdoors.

Your working dog’s natural coat, combined with a high-quality outdoor dog kennel, will keep her quite comfortable, even in colder temperatures. When provided a fenced-in dog run, insulated room, and plenty of space to move around, a working dog can stay protected from predators, safe from cars, and acclimated to the weather. Plus, she’ll be well-rested for the next time you need her service.

Working Dogs Thrive In Outdoor Dog Kennels

2. Some Breeds Live to Work

Assuming you’ve selected a breed of dog that’s been specially bred for a specific job, chances are he lives to work and not much makes him happier. These dogs are the workaholics of the canine world. Here’s a shortlist of common working dog breeds:

  • Livestock guardians: Anatolian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Sheepdog, Spanish Mastiff
  • Herding dogs: Australian Cattle Dog, German Shepherd, Collies, Border-Aussie, Blue Heeler
  • Hunting dogs: Labrador Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Beagle, Coonhound, Foxhound

By housing your working dog in an outdoor dog kennel, you’re keeping him primed for his purpose. When it’s time for him to come out of the kennel, he will be fully energized and eager to get to work and obey your commands. 

You can also use your outdoor kennel for training your working dog in obedience. When he doesn’t listen and do as he’s told, put him back into the kennel. When you let him out, he will want to remain at your beck and call.

(Important note: All of this presupposes that your working dog is well-cared-for, treated with kindness and appreciation, and provided with high-quality living and working conditions.)


3. Being an Indoor Pet Can Confuse A Working Dog

As with a boss who wants to be “one of the guys” and hang out with his employees after work, cozying up with your working dog on the couch may mean that he takes you less seriously when it's time to work. That’s not to say it’s impossible for a working dog to also be “man’s best friend,” but bear in mind that it can confuse some dogs.

Whether you opt to keep your dog in an outdoor kennel or not, it’s important to set strong boundaries and make sure the dog knows its role, understands what’s expected, and knows who’s boss. Outdoor dog kennels can make this easier.

4. Outdoor Dog Kennels Offer Quality Stimulation

Outdoor dog kennels provide much better entertainment for dogs than laying in front of the TV. Working dogs will enjoy watching birds, bugs, and other creatures. They’ll enjoy being able to chew on dog toys without getting scolded for slobbering all over the couch. And they will love spending time outdoors at night with all of the sights and sounds that come alive when humans are fast asleep. Working dogs need proper stimulation to be at their best.

Consistency is Key

5. It’s Not Personal, It’s Business (And Consistency is Key)

Dogs usually aim to please their owners — especially those who have been trained as working dogs. However, dogs that live in the house when not working spend a lot of time with their families. They may bond with others in the house who undermine the hard work you’ve spent in training, then take on unwanted behaviors and become more of a playmate than a workmate. They may get lazy or soft from a lack of consistent discipline techniques. And you may get soft, as the dog learns how to tug at your heartstrings.

This relationship may be perfectly fine if you don’t require precision in the field. But if you want your working dog to be at his prime, an outdoor dog kennel may help ensure that your dog stays sharp and ready for the task at hand. They might even be happier overall staying outdoors because you will be pleased with their performance. 

Bonus reason: An Outdoor Dog Kennel May Keep Humans Happier Too

Dogs are amazing creatures that can provide companionship or fulfill a working role — sometimes both. But let’s face it, they can also be a lot of trouble. Especially indoors. 

An outdoor dog kennel means:

  • No cleaning up accidents in the house
  • No dog hair for allergy sufferers
  • No chewing of slippers or children’s toys
  • No ruining of furniture or scratching of floors and doors
  • No need to get up and let the dog outside during your favorite show
  • No begging for scraps at the table
  • No need to worry if house guests aren’t dog lovers

Finding the Best Fit for You and Fido

If you want your dog primarily to be a working dog, using an outdoor dog kennel is worth considering. When weighing the pros and cons of your unique situation, we suggest researching your dog’s specific breed to get recommendations on optimal living and working conditions.

Thinking an outdoor dog kennel could be a good solution for your working canine? The next step is to learn more about choosing the proper size of kennel, finding the right location, and selecting the best kennel options for your breed. Our Guide to Evaluating the Best-fit Outdoor Dog Kennels will answer all of these questions and more.

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