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Many Satisfied Customers Add These 4 Upgrades​ To Their Storage Sheds

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 12, 2017

Many Satisfied Customers Add These 4 Upgrades To Their Storage Sheds

If you need to buy a storage building, whether a garden shed or two-stall garage, consider adding a few upgrades to optimize its beauty and practicality. 

We offer a range of storage shed upgrades and add-ons including built-in work benches and lofts, railings for sheds with porches, dormers for our Deluxe buildings, spray foam insulation, and an organizer kit that fits all of our building styles.

In this post, we're focusing on LP ProStruct flooring, contrasting trim, transom windows, and window shutters & flower boxes. These are the top 4 most popular storage shed upgrades requested by our customers.

1. LP ProStruct® Flooring

We offer LP ProStruct® Floor with SmartFinish®—a durable overlay which creates a clean and professional appearance. Unlike traditional plywood flooring, LP ProStruct Floors with SmartFinish incorporates Treated Wood Strand Technology with SmartGuard® to resist termite damage, decay, warping, splitting, and cracking.

LP ProStruct® Floor with SmartFinish® Flooring

2. Contrasting Trim

It doesn't matter if you choose wood, vinyl, lap, or metal siding for your storage building, you can upgrade from a one-color shed with matching siding and trim to a contrasting trim package. You can choose from our range of siding and trim colors to customize the look of your shed. 

This is what a standard shed looks like—the vinyl siding color and trim match.

Non-contrasting trim Ranch style storage shed

In this photo you can see the contrast in color between the siding and the trim—the painted siding is light, and the trim is dark. 

This High Barn style storage shed has a contrasting color package

3. Transom Windows

Windows that sit above the transom—the strengthening crossbar above a door or window—are called transom windows. The purpose of these windows is both decorative and practical. It enhances the look of any building and provides an entrance for natural light.

We offer traditional transom windows—directly above the door—as seen in this photo. 

We offer traditional transom windows

We also offer 4-lite transom windows on double fiberglass doors.

We also offer 4-lite transom windows on double fiberglass doors

4. Window Shutters and Flower Boxes 

Windows seem naked without shutters. By simply adding vinyl shutters to your storage building, it will look more attractive. Shutters often help backyard sheds blend seamlessly into the neighborhood. 

To complete the look, many of our customers add decorative flower boxes. Flower boxes can add character and curb appeal to any building. You can grow seasonal flowers, plants that repel bugs and pests, or vegetation that requires little upkeep.

Our flower boxes and shutters come in a variety of colors.

Window shutters and flower boxes make any shed look great

What upgrades would you want to be added to your shed or garage? As you think about it, browse our storage building featurescolor options, and upgrade choices.

Storage Building Colors & Upgrades

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