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Escape the Crowds and Build Your Own Home Gym Shed in Your Backyard

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on September 06, 2023


Imagine a world where you never have to wait for a piece of gym equipment again, where your workouts are not dictated by gym operating hours or the crowded post-work rush. Imagine a space that is always open and is exclusively yours.

This is not just a fitness enthusiast's daydream — it is a reality you can create with an outdoor gym shed. The new year may seem far away, but it will be here soon. Why not get a jump-start on your New Year’s resolution? When you buy a shed or turn your existing backyard shed into a personal fitness sanctuary, you will not waste time commuting to the gym or navigating through a sea of people. The freedom to work out on your terms begins right in your backyard.

The Game-changing Benefits of a Home Gym Shed

From saving time to providing a private, tailored workout space, a home gym shed can be a desirable investment for fitness enthusiasts. One of the biggest advantages of owning a home gym shed is its complete freedom. You are not bound by the operating hours of a traditional gym and can opt for a late-night workout session or early-morning fitness routine. Your gym shed is accessible whenever you want it to be. This is a great benefit, especially for those with unpredictable schedules who may not be able to adhere to the typical gym hours.

How often have you arrived at the gym during peak hours only to find all the machines taken? With a gym shed, your equipment is always available, eliminating unnecessary wait times and ensuring your workout is efficient and uninterrupted. An outdoor gym shed allows you to design your workout space to fit your needs. This means you can select equipment based on your personal fitness goals without the constraints of what a public gym provides. This level of customization can make your workout more enjoyable and effective.

While setting up a gym shed requires an initial investment, specifically when you decide to buy a pre-built or custom shed, it can be a money-saving endeavor in the long run. Monthly gym memberships can be costly, especially for high-end gyms. By investing in your own space, you eliminate these recurring fees. Similarly, the time savings are significant. Commuting to and from the gym, waiting for equipment, and even packing a gym bag or finding a locker can add up. Having a home gym shed just steps away from your back door dramatically reduces these time costs, giving you more freedom to work out at your convenience.

Optimizing Your Fitness Space

Choosing the correct size for your gym shed is one of the most important decisions when creating your at-home fitness space. This choice will influence not only the types of workouts you can accommodate but also the longevity and versatility of your gym. The type of workouts you enjoy and the equipment you plan to incorporate into your gym should be the primary driving factor behind your size decision. If you enjoy cardio workouts and plan to house larger machines like treadmills or elliptical trainers, you will need more space than planning for a weights-focused gym. Equally, if you enjoy activities requiring open space, such as yoga or HIIT workouts, you must ensure there is enough unobstructed floor space.

Vertical space is another critical consideration when you buy a shed for your home gym. If your workouts include activities requiring height, such as jumping exercises or overhead lifting, you must ensure your gym shed has ample vertical clearance. Some fitness equipment, like pull-up bars or gym towers, can be quite tall and require enough vertical space to function properly. Measure these pieces and ensure your chosen shed can accommodate them.

Finally, consider how the layout and flow of your gym will work within the proposed shed size. Will a designated spot for cardio, strength training, and stretching exist? How will you navigate through the space during a workout? Visualizing how the gym will function in day-to-day use is vital to ensure it meets your needs and provides a comfortable workout environment. While a 10x12 foot shed often makes a good starting point, you should tailor your decision to your unique circumstances and goals.

Lifting barbells

Crafting Your Perfect Gym Shed 

Creating the perfect gym shed is not just about choosing the right size and filling it with your favorite equipment. The finishing touches — such as electrical setup, flooring, windows, doors, and temperature control — are crucial for a practical, comfortable, and motivating workout environment. 

Electrical Package

Electricity is vital for a versatile and functional home gym in the modern fitness landscape. It powers everything from treadmills to rowing machines, lighting, fans, and entertainment systems. A well-lit space is essential for evening workouts and can also help create an uplifting workout atmosphere during the day. Our backyard storage sheds can have electrical packages that are designed to equip your gym shed with the necessary wiring and outlets for all your workout needs.

Reinforced Flooring

The flooring in your gym shed needs to be durable and supportive, given the weight and impact it will have to withstand. That is why we recommend reinforced flooring with 16 on-center floor joists. This provides a robust base for heavy gym equipment and high-impact exercises. On top of this solid foundation, consider adding grid foam tiles. They offer a more comfortable surface for workouts that require sitting or lying on the floor and provide additional protection for your floor and equipment.

Windows & Doors

While windows and doors may seem like purely aesthetic considerations, they play a significant role in the usability and comfort of your gym shed. Windows allow for natural light, which can make your gym a more inviting and motivating space. They can also provide ventilation and a view, creating a more pleasant workout environment. Doors are also essential for both accessibility and ventilation. Double doors can be particularly beneficial, as they allow for easy movement of equipment in and out of the shed and can be opened wide for fresh air during warmer months.

Ventilation & Insulation

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your gym shed is vital for enjoyable and safe workouts. You must consider insulation and ventilation to use your gym all year round. Insulation helps keep your gym shed warm in winter and cool in summer, making your workouts more comfortable. It can also make your gym shed more energy-efficient, especially if you use heating or cooling devices. On the other hand, good ventilation is important for maintaining fresh air, preventing condensation, and cooling the space during intense workouts or hot weather. Consider options like operable windows, vents, or even ceiling fans.

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Elevate Your Fitness Journey With Your Gym Shed

When it comes to buying a shed for a gym can be the perfect solution for maintaining your fitness routine with privacy, convenience, and style. Whether you are looking to buy a shed from our pre-designed packages or decide to customize your own, the result will be a dedicated workout space tailored to your needs. Take the first step towards your at-home fitness journey and download our free resource, the Shed Buying Workbook, which walks you through the essentials of picking the right shed. Discover the joy of working out whenever you want, however, you want, in your own backyard gym shed.

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