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A New Dog House for Your Favorite Furry Pal

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 27, 2019

8x10 Single Dog Kennel_Dog House

Looking for a premium dog house that has an insulated feeding room, outdoor run, and exterior chain link panels? Look no further!

Are you looking for a high-quality outdoor dog kennel? Considering the size and interior options, we’re sure you will find a kennel to meet the needs of your canine. We offer two styles of expertly designed outdoor dog kennels—one is for a single pup, the other is for two pups.

Our Dog Kennel Collection Features Single & Double Outdoor Dog Kennels

8x12 Single Dog House_Outdoor Kennel

Single Dog Kennel

If you're looking for a dog house, we have quality outdoor dog kennels that provide a safe and comfortable shelter. Our single dog kennels have LP® SmartSide® wood panel siding and Tuff-Rib steel panel roofing.

- 8x10 Single Dog Kennel: 4x8 Insulated Room and 4x8 Run
- 8x12 Single Dog Kennel: 4x8 Insulated Room and 8x8 Run
- 8x14 Single Dog Kennel: 4x6 Insulated Room, 4x6 Feed Room, and 8x8 Run

Double Dog Kennel

If you need an outdoor dog kennel that has insulated feeding rooms, dog runs, and interior and exterior chain link panels for your two favorite pups, we have double dog kennel options that will fit the bill. Like our single dog kennels, our double dog kennels also features LP® SmartSide® wood panel siding and Tuff-Rib steel panel roofing.

- 8x14 Double Dog Kennel: Two 4x6 Insulated Room and Two 4x8 Runs
- 8x16 Double Dog Kennel: Two 4x4 Insulated Rooms, 8x4 Feed Room, and Two 4x8 Runs

8x14 Double Dog House_duplex dog house

Backyard Dog Kennel Features

From roofing to flooring, each kennel is constructed with the highest quality components. Only premium materials are used because we believe the buildings we sell are a representation of our integrity and our commitment to customers.

We intentionally hire and partner with skilled and trustworthy craftsmen. The dedicated teams who build the products we sell care about the details and the quality. We would never sell a dog kennel that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Here are some key features of our outdoor dog kennels.

Insulated Room: In addition to leak resistant roofing and siding, the interior insulated room provides a comfortable, waterproof, and windproof space.

Window with Screen: The glass window allows sunshine to stream in all day, and the screen enables you to open slightly for fresh air or open wide for a nice breeze.

LP TechShield Roofing Sheathing with Radiant Barrier: This sheathing is designed to block radiant heat and help maintain interior temperature.

LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish: This flooring is durable, attractive, and it resists decay, warping, and daily wear. 

Run with Poly Decking: Even though the window allows sunlight and fresh air to come inside, dogs need an area outside where they can stretch and move freely.

Chain Link Fencing: This sturdy fencing is safe for dogs yet strong enough to withstand the elements and regular daily use.

Insulated Fiberglass Door: This insulated fiberglass door helps keep interior temperatures regulated so that pups stay comfortable.

Plexiglass Dog Doors: Every kennel needs a doggy door. This door gives dogs reliable access to their outdoor run.

Feed Room (larger size kennel only): Having a separate feed room keeps the mess of spilled water and crushed Kibble away from the insulated room.

Dog Kennel_ Outdoor  Dog House

Ready to Buy a Backyard Kennel for Your Dog?

Just like your K9 is an investment, so is his home—so make sure your pup's palace is the right size and has all the proper features. Download our Kennel Collections catalog today.

If you need assistance choosing a kennel that’s best for your dog, or if you’re ready to purchase, call our helpful sales team at 888.832.6889 or send an email to

Download Kennel Collection Catalog

Our mission is to help you organize your life and keep your valued possessions safe—and yes, that includes dogs. We know dogs are an investment, and we want to help you keep them secure and happy.

When you purchase with us, you can trust that you’re getting a premium kennel, a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts, above-and-beyond customer service, honest prices, and flexible delivery options.

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