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4 Reasons Our Man Cave Shed Makes the Perfect Backyard Escape

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on April 19, 2018


Need an oasis to escape to but don’t have the room in your house? Get one of our Man Cave shed packages today.

Did you know that man caves are actually good for men’s health? Yes, we know it sounds fishy but it’s science! Find your perfect solution to outfitting your very own man cave shed with us today.

Man Cave Package

There are so many different reasons why you need a man cave shed. Don’t take up vital room in your house – have your awaiting oasis just feet away in your very own backyard. Already have a garage man cave? Why stay in a cold and drafty garage when you outfit a shed to meet all of your man cave needs? Our sheds can be insulated to protect against the cold and heat.

Here are four reasons why our man cave sheds are the perfect backyard escape. 

Every man needs a place to call his own. Our sheds are big enough to have the boys over for the big game or house your weight-lifting equipment. You can express your own personality and decorate your man cave the way you want. Dust off your old fan memorabilia and hang it on the walls with pride.

#1 Long-lasting and durable

You don’t want a man cave that falls apart after the first snowstorm. Our sheds are built to last. Whether that’s having the boys over for the championship game or weathering the harsh winters and summers of South Dakota or Minnesota, our sheds last long.

We offer Durable LP® SmartSide® Siding in either wood lap or wood panel. LP SmartSide products provide the strength, durability and protection that your man cave shed deserves. Plus, siding is masterfully engineered to withstand harsh weather, pest infestations and decay. 

#2 Size to fit your needs

What do you need for your man cave? There are different ways you can use the space and we have several sizes to meet all of your garage man cave needs. Choose Classic Gable roofline or Ranch Gable roofline with a porch. These designs can complement your home and will not be an eyesore for the neighbors. We figure you know what you want a man cave for – but in case you need some ideas, consider using the space for:

  • Sports room
  • Wet bar
  • Billiards
  • Game room
  • Weights
  • Gear storage
  • Movie theater

#3 Customize to just your style

Each of our shed packages can be customized to fit all of your man cave needs. In addition to choosing the siding and style, there are many options and upgrades to pick from when you configure your shed.

  • Add a front porch for more usable space
  • High loft barn for the extra height if you need the room for workout equipment
  • Pick colors for the siding, trim, shingles or shutters
  • Windows add ventilation and natural light – choose from two, four, or six insulated double-hung 28x38 windows
  • The 36” prehung steel entry door has a frame system made of a composite poly-fiber that will not rot, warp, or split
  • Add insulation to your shed so you can enjoy it year-round 

#4 Ready to outfit in any way you want 

Since this will be your domain – why not deck it out the way you want it to look! Take all of your memorabilia and display with pride or have a place to store your fishing or hunting gear. This is your personal haven for you to kick back and relax.

  • Decorate: choose how you want your man cave to look! You can hang pictures or neon lights that have been shoved into the garage.
  • Paint: add your own personal touches with a fine coat of paint.
  • Add: furniture, game tables, built-in workbenches, etc.

Time to move out of the garage or basement and into a man cave shed of your dreams.

Our prebuilt Man Cave package comes assembled and ready to install right on your property! We deliver for free within 100 miles of our shop located in Milbank, South Dakota, or 20 miles from our display areas. Beyond that, there is a $4.25 per mile one-way charge. We also can build your shed right in your backyard. All the specs of your man cave will stay the same.

Use our interactive configuration tool to customize your new office shed now!

Configure Your Man Cave Shed Package

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