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5 Reasons Your Guy Needs a Man Cave [Infographic]

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on March 14, 2017

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A Man Cave is a place to relax, display memorabilia, and have fun. Every man needs that.

Did you see Last Man Standing (ABC) episode (Season 5) called, "He Shed, She Shed?" Get it? It's a play on the phrase, "He said, she said..." Clever, right?

Anyway, in this particular episode, Mike (Tim Allen) thinks his wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), is using too much of his space at home to do her work, so he builds her a detached building in their backyard that he calls a She Shed. It's supposed to be a place that his wife can call her own and use for work space and hobbies. It turns out that Mike has his eye on the shed, thinking it would make the perfect He Shed. Of course, as the show continues hilarity ensues, as it does in each episode.

How true is it that scenario, though? Think about it. When there's not enough space inside our houses, the only place to find extra space is outside. What's the ideal solution? A backyard shed! It could be for extra storage, or in this case, extra personal space.

Ladies, this post contains some pretty compelling reasons why your man could use a He Shed or, what we like to call, a Man Cave. The infographic below will help you understand why.


Why every man needs his own cave. Let's dive in further. 

1. Because every man needs a place to relax after a hard day

When stress builds up it can cause physical problems like high blood pressure or tension headaches. It can also lead to emotional problems like irritability or a quick temper, both of which can put strain on marriages and families. A Man Cave offers a temporary get away from the pressures of work. It's a place to decompress and refill with emotional energy for a happy and healthy family life.

Having a place to temporarily escape will fight these stats:

  • 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress
  • 73% of people regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress
  • 54% of people said stress has caused them to fight with people close to them

2. Because it gives him a place to display his memorabilia (you know, the stuff you don't want hanging in your living room)

It's important to men to have a space that expresses their own individual tastes and personalities. It's psychologically healthy for guys to have a place to proudly display things that they find important, valuable, or interesting. Instead of keeping everything in a box that's pushed aside only to be found years later, having a place to decorate gives him the freedom to choose what goes up on the wall and what stays in the box.

“Space is very important for regulating emotions,” says Sam Gosling, a University of Texas at Austin psychology professor and published author. Gosling believes that space is a powerful mechanism for evoking emotions, and he’s seen firsthand how having your own space, decorated by you alone, can positively affect emotional well-being.

Most displayed items:

  • Commercial neon signs
  • Framed sports jerseys
  • Baseball bats and balls
  • Military memorabilia
  • Model cars
  • Vintage arcade games
  • Pinball machines
  • Game or fish mounts

3. Because you know his hunting and fishing equipment and gear is important to him

Instead of keeping his hunting or fishing gear in a corner of the basement or the craw space of the garage or attic, give him space to properly organize and store his equipment. While it may look like a pile of junk to you, it's a hobby and recreational activity that gives him satisfaction and enjoy. Look beyond the junk and consider his needs. (Plus, relocating these items to a Man Cave may contain some of the fowl odors that come with the territory!)

Top 5 health benefits of fishing:

  • Improves mental and physical well-being
  • Engages the shoulders, back, arms, core, and legs
  • Being outside in the sun supplies the body with essential vitamin D
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Bestows patience

4. Because you know he loves watching sports with his friends

A Man Cave gives your man a place to stretch out and watch the big game with his buddies. Giving them this space means that the family room is available and the TV won't be taken up for several hours on end while the game's on. It's a place to hang out and be loud without anyone else caring or judging.

Top 8 most watched sports on TV:

  1. Football
  2. Baseball
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice Hockey
  5. Soccer
  6. Tennis
  7. Golf
  8. Wrestling

5. Because a cave provides the space needed to work on projects

Finding the right location for a Man Cave is key. Almost any space can accommodated a hobby or two. However, think about your man's specific hobbies and decide what's better - a backyard shed or garage, attic space, a dedicated portion of the basement, or a spare bed room. The point is, giving space to a man that he can use however he pleases is healthy and good for his mental and psychological well being.

6 practical Man Cave uses:

  1. Workshop for cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles
  2. Woodworking shop
  3. Backyard gym
  4. Home theatre
  5. Music studio
  6. Game room

Why hobbies are good:

  • They encourage taking a break
  • They make people happy
  • They provide an outlet for stress
  • They break up routine

A Man Cave is a great gift idea!

What are you planning to get the man in your life for the next big holiday or celebration (think Father's Day, birthday, or Christmas)? If you're short on ideas (the last thing he wants is another DVD or bottle of cologne!), consider making this year the most memorable gift-giving year ever. Buy him a Man Cave!

If you don't already have a shed or garage that you can convert into a Man Cave, design the dream cave now! Choose the building style, siding options, color, add-on features, and more. Depending on how he plans to use his he-shed, consider adding insulation, a built-in workbench, or any of our other storage building features to improve comfort and usability. When you're finished, submit the design for a free quote.

If you need a building now and at a price that fits your budget, consider one of our lot display models. Our lot buildings are sturdy, dependable, and available for an "as is" discount. Explore our list of clearance buildings. If one catches your eye, order now and save 10%.

Note: Discover how small structures are regulated by the Minnesota State Building Code. The Minnesota State Building Code is the standard of construction that applies statewide for the construction of buildings (MS § 326B.121).

So, what does an ideal Man Cave have inside? Click the button below for a checklist of items that will take any Man Cave from dull to the go-to hangout.

Download Man Cave Must-Haves Checklist

It’s our mission at Dakota Storage Buildings to make high-quality buildings that exceed your expectations. Explore our storage buildings in person at our St. Cloud, Minnesota location, our Alexandria, Minnesota location, or any of our other South Dakota or Minnesota display locations.

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