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Reclaim Your Space with Our Everyday Backyard Shed | Dakota Storage

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 18, 2018


Free up space in your house when you move your extra items to a backyard shed.

Your house is your sanctuary. A peaceful place for you to unwind from the day. Tripping over old toys, bumping into old items, or seasonal decorations overstaying their holidays? Reclaim your space in your house when you move these items into a backyard shed.

Our Everyday Backyard Shed Package gives you the freedom to choose a size that fits all your needs.

There are many other ways a backyard storage shed can save you space, and peace of mind. Move your pricey lawn equipment or snow removal tools to a shed to protect it from the elements or thieves.

An outside storage shed also is a great solution to keeping your patio furniture looking pristine and brand new. Store them during the winter months until you’re ready for them come spring. Give longevity to your patio furniture today! 

Everyday Backyard Shed Package

Solve your overcrowding space issues with a backyard shed

A backyard shed can serve many purposes. If you’ve run out of room in your house, you can reclaim it when you install a prebuilt shed that fits perfectly in your backyard.

Take house items that no longer fit your style and move them into a storage shed. You’ve spent money and time acquiring your furniture and decor. Save them for when your kids move out for college and put them into a backyard shed.

There are many holidays to celebrate and that means having the right decorations. Don’t take up precious space in your attic or basement and store them right in your backyard in a yard shed. 

Storing lawn equipment, snow removal tools, and more!

You take pride in the appearance of your house and yard. Lawn equipment like riding mowers, trimmers, and hedgers are expensive. Protect them from harsh winters and summers when you invest in a prebuilt backyard shed. Keep your outdoor items safe and protected in a storage shed.

Use your backyard storage shed to store:

  • Lawn equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Snow removal tools
  • Shovels
  • Ladders

Turn your backyard into an oasis for entertaining 

When the summers are warm, we like to open our homes and backyards to friends and family. Celebrating Memorial Day and Fourth of July with a nice BBQ while kids play are what backyards are built for. Add a backyard shed to house all your entertaining items to keep them looking nice year-round.

Store your patio furniture during the winter and protect it from rust when it rains. Our storage sheds can be outfitted with organizational shelves so you can easily put away yard games, barbecue grills, and recreational sports equipment.

Clean out those over-cluttered rooms and get back your space in your house

A backyard shed is perfect for storing items that have taken over your house. Reclaim any room you want back and re-invent them into the perfect guest room or kid’s playroom. Old furniture, old toys, lamps, window air conditioners, stand-up fans, and any non-essentials can fit great into an organizational shed!

We offer different ways to help you max out your space in your new shed. We offer a semi-customizable organizational kit that comes with the package and can help you keep smaller items together and organized.

Personalize your new backyard shed today  

Not all sheds are built alike. Our Everyday Backyard Shed Package comes with different options, styles, and upgrades! Our sheds are durable and easy to maintain. Start dreaming big for your new backyard shed and we can deliver.

Start customizing your shed

Size: We offer sheds in sizes of 10x12, 10x16, 12x16 and many more making it perfect for any backyard.

Style: Sleek and stylish, choose from Ranch Gable, Low Barn, or Quaker Gable.

Siding: Choose the color you want for either vinyl siding or wood panel siding options.

Door: Choose from either a strong wooden door or a fiberglass door. Both are durable and look great!

Flooring: Add premium flooring to your shed. LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish also increases the overall quality of your storage buildings due to its durable overlay.

Windows: Choose either one or two 18x27 windows to let in natural light.

Extras:  Add a roof extension to your backyard shed for the ultimate entertainment space.

Delivery or on-site construction options for your Everyday Backyard Shed package

Now that you have decided on what your backyard shed will look like, how do you get it to your property? Well, we offer two options! We can pre-build your shed, depending on the size, and deliver it to your location. We offer free delivery within a 100-mile radius of our South Dakota location in Milbank or 20 miles from one of our display locations. We also can assemble the shed right on your property.

What are you waiting for? Starting building your backyard shed today and get back vital space in your house. Use our 3D Configurator Tool to see what your perfect backyard shed could look like now!

Configure Your Everyday Backyard Shed Package

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