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Top 5 Considerations When Comparing Prefab Chicken Coops

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on May 25, 2023


When someone decides to build their coop, it can take much longer than planned. Life is busy, so finding time to build your flock’s perfect home is not always feasible. That’s why so many choose to invest in a pre-built coop. It makes their life easier, and they can buy a coop with all the necessary features. You can give your flock a quality living space by purchasing a prefab chicken coop. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need about buying a coop, from important features to coop design. 

Decide Which Coop Design Is Best for You

When choosing a coop for your flock, you must decide if you will invest in a free-range or enclosed chicken coop. The main difference between the two options is that free-range coops do not have a chicken run. Birds raised in this coop can simply walk from inside the coop straight into your backyard. While giving your birds this much freedom may seem ideal, there are some downsides. Free-range coops cannot protect your hens once they wander out of the coop. They are completely exposed to any outside elements. You can get the best of both worlds with an enclosed chicken coop. These coops have an attached chicken run so they can go outside without any threat from predators. However, you can always let them out of the coop whenever you want them to roam freely. 

Find a Well-built Coop by Looking for These Features

Whether you choose a free-range or enclosed chicken coop, all coops should have these necessary features. 

Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are essential for getting fresh, clean, and easy-to-find eggs each day from your hens. You do not have to worry about hens laying on the dirty ground by giving your birds a designated space to lay. You should make sure that there is one nesting box for every four hens. When you purchase a coop with built-in nesting boxes, you can be reassured that the boxes are made of the sturdiest materials and are in the perfect place to help your chickens feel safe. 

Roosting Space

All chickens prefer to sleep off the ground at night. A roost keeps them off the dirty floor while having space to huddle together for added warmth. Roosts are typically 2 to 4 inches wide, while the length depends on your number of birds. There should be 8 inches of roosting space per bird. The best prefab chicken coops have a roost built into the coop, so it is one element that you do not have to add yourself. 

Durable Building Materials

Quality materials can be detrimental to a coop. Let’s face it, purchasing a coop is a big investment, so you will need it to last for years. A subpar coop may damage easily or miss out on essential features. A leak-proof roof and an easy-to-clean floor are two aspects for you to look for during buying. If the roof leaks, it can make a mess inside and cause your birds to get sick. Plus, if the floor cannot be easily cleaned, it will make a mess that takes a long time to clean. Make sure that your coop is durable and weather resistant.


Coop Size

The size of your coop can significantly affect the flock’s health and happiness. If the coop is too small, it can lead to parasites, disease, aggressive behavior, and laying problems. To prevent these consequences, you must ensure that each bird has enough space inside the coop. Standard breeds need 4 square feet of space within a coop for each bird. However, if you want to get more chickens in the future, make sure you factor that in for the best long-term fit. 

Run Size

The windows on a coop do not give your flock enough sunlight to satisfy them. Birds love their time in the sun and can spend hours stretching their wings and getting fresh air. Every coop should factor in how the chickens can access the outdoors. Enclosed coops provide a run that gives the birds their precious outdoor time while keeping them safe from predators. Standard breeds require 8 square feet of space for each bird in their run.

Coop Collection from Dakota Storage Buildings

At Dakota Storage Buildings, we offer two different types of chicken coops: enclosed and free-range. Depending on your needs and the size of your flock, both are great options for your chickens, explore the two options below and find which series is right for you.

Enclosed Chicken Coop


Enclosed chicken coops can give you the best of both worlds. An enclosed chicken run can keep your chickens safe from predators while allowing them to roam outside the coop. Plus, just because you have an enclosed coop does not mean your birds can never leave the coop. When you want your hens to be able to roam freely, simply let them out of the coop. 

Free Range Chicken Coop


Chickens cooped up in a small space can get bored, leading to destructive behavior toward other chickens. But free range chickens can forage, dig for bugs, exercise, and soak up the sun to stay active and healthy. When your chickens aren’t roaming around during the day, keep them safe from predators and bad weather during the night inside the Free Range Chicken Coop.

Ready to Give Your Chicken Flock a New Home?

When you choose to raise backyard chickens, you will have numerous benefits. From fresh eggs to pest and weed control, chickens will always be a valuable resource for your home. Since they work so hard to provide for you, you must care for them with the best coop possible. The more comfortable and happier your hens are, the easier to care for them. Please take a look at the time to get your flock a new home or buy one for your first chicks. While it may be a large upfront investment, it will be worth it in the long run. 

Start Your Coop Search Today

If you decide it is time for a new coop, look no further than Dakota Storage Buildings. Here, we only provide coops that meet our highest standards. Our stock coops come in all styles, designs, and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your flock. Keep your chickens safe, happy, and healthy in a Dakota Storage Coop. Shop our stock coops today.

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