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Why Choose An Enclosed Chicken Coop With Run For Homestead Chickens?

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on June 07, 2022

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Every homestead chicken owner has to make a decision to either free range their chickens or use a coop with a chicken pen attached. For some, that means an enclosed chicken coop.

Keep in mind, even if you have an enclosed chicken run, you can let your chickens out whenever you want for some "free range" time. If you are nearby or out working in your yard all day, it might be an ideal time to let them explore. But when you're ready to go inside, putting them back in the enclosed chicken run will keep them safe when you can keep your eye on them. If you have a smaller property, live near potential predators, or tend to worry about the safety of free range chickens, it's ok to use a run — just be sure that they have enough space to stretch their legs and scratch around.

What Is An Enclosed Chicken Coop? 

An enclosed coop has a built-in run or a defined area where chickens are confined. The confinement area, or chicken run, can be a fence surrounding the coop or an encasement built into the coop structure. Our enclosed chicken coop is a great example of a built-in run. 

Chicken runs provide a protected, though limited space, for chickens. In this space they can get fresh air, enjoy sunshine, forage, and more.

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An enclosed chicken coop and run is a sheltered structure for chickens, featuring a covered area and an attached fenced run for safe outdoor access. Let's dive deeper into how an enclosed coop with a run can transform the experience of both the chickens and their keepers.

Improved Health and Safety

The health and safety of the flock are essential for a thriving chicken homestead. An enclosed coop with an integrated run reduces the likelihood of predator attacks, offering a secure haven against the intrusion of foxes, hawks, and other predators. With a protective barrier, these coops safeguard your chickens, protecting them from potential harm day and night. These structures are designed to withstand harsh weather, providing a robust shelter from rain, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures. This level of protection is pivotal in preventing stress and illness among the flock, contributing to their overall health and longevity.

Increased Exercise and Foraging Opportunities

A chicken house and run allows chickens to indulge in their instinctual behaviors, such as foraging for insects, pecking at the ground, and exploring their surroundings. A run encourages physical activity, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy body weight and promoting strong muscle development. This additional space fosters mental stimulation and social interaction among the chickens, factors that are essential for their emotional well-being. The opportunity to engage in natural behaviors not only strengthens their physical health but also decreases the risks of behavioral issues, ensuring a harmonious and productive flock. The run serves as a vital extension of the coop, offering the joys of free-ranging within the safety and confines of their designated space.

What to Look for in Your Next Chicken Coop

When selecting an enclosed chicken coop with run, it is crucial to weigh a variety of crucial considerations carefully. This process is not just about finding a shelter for your chickens; it is about creating a home that caters to their every need while also fitting into your homesteading lifestyle and budget.

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Space Requirements and Capacity: A general rule of thumb is to provide at least 10 square feet per chicken in the run to ensure they can roam freely and exhibit natural behaviors comfortably.
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Mobility and Flexibility: Mobile coops offer the flexibility to move your flock around, allowing them to access fresh ground regularly, which can lead to healthier birds. However, fixed structures tend to offer more durability and can be built to larger specifications.
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Protection and Security Features: The safety of your flock is critical, making the search for coops with robust protection and security features non-negotiable.
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Maintenance and Cleaning Considerations: Look for features that simplify the cleaning process, such as walk-in chicken coops, removable trays for droppings, easily accessible nesting boxes, and materials that can be quickly sanitized. 
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Cost-Effectiveness and Long-Term Investment: While the initial price tag of a chicken house and run can influence your choice, it is important to view this purchase as an investment in your flock's future health and productivity.


Buying An Enclosed Chicken Coop From a Trusted Manufacturer

We know homestead chickens are an investment, and we want to help you keep them safe. When you purchase a coop from us, you can trust that you're getting a premium product, a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts, above-and-beyond customer service, honest prices, and flexible delivery.


From built-in nesting boxes and roost to premium roofing and flooring, our enclosed chicken coops are constructed with the highest quality components. Our skilled builders use only choice materials because we believe the coops we sell are a representation of our integrity and our commitment to customers. You can expect product longevity and minimal maintenance with quality construction and premium materials.

Because our enclosed chicken coops have durable flooring, they can handle everyday wear, hold up against pecking and scratching, resist decay and warping, prevent health-hazard moisture buildup, and provide rodent and insect control. There isn't much that your chickens can do to ruin or permanently damage the flooring we use inside our coops. 

While we do a quality inspection of all the coops we sell, occasionally, things happen. And every once in a while, a problem goes undiscovered until a coop's in use. We understand these things can happen, and we know it's not your fault. To give you full confidence in your purchase, we'll take care of any manufacturer-related deficiencies. Our coop's 5-year Top-to-Bottom Limited Warranty covers all of the things you definitely shouldn't have to worry about.

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Choosing the Right Coop for Your Homestead

Establishing a thriving chicken homestead depends on making well-informed decisions about their living conditions. Providing a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment is essential to ensuring the well-being and productivity of your flock. Opting for an enclosed chicken coop with run is a commitment to the overall health, safety, and happiness of your chickens. This type of coop offers your chickens protection from the elements and predators while allowing them the freedom to exhibit natural behaviors in a controlled, secure setting.

Our comprehensive guide, "The Beginners Guide To Getting Backyard Chickens," offers valuable insights, from selecting the right breed to understanding the nuances of chicken behavior and coop maintenance. This guide is designed to give you practical advice and tips needed to navigate the initial stages of setting up your chicken homestead successfully. By downloading this guide, you're taking a pivotal first step towards not just choosing a chicken house, but creating a vibrant, thriving habitat where your chickens can flourish. Download the free guide today!

Download Beginner's Guide to Getting Backyard Chickens


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