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Why a Large Dog Kennel Works Better than Fencing

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 13, 2022

Why Large Dog Kennels Work Better than FencingIt’s a dilemma many a dog owner faces: you’re at work all day, but you want your dog to get fresh air and exercise, and there isn’t someone available to come over two or three times a day to walk the dog or let him/her out.

One solution is keeping the dog chained outside. This is a bad idea because it restricts movement, may cause injury, can expose the dog to harsh weather, and leaves it more at risk of a bad encounter with a person. It might also be illegal.

The two better ideas are installing fencing or a large dog kennels. On balance, going with a large dog kennel is better.

The Downsides of Fencing

To start with, there’s the cost. Fencing an entire yard or a large portion of it is more expensive than a large dog kennel is.

Fencing also means a dog can dig holes in a yard, escape by jumping out or wiggling through boards, or get into a garden and damage plants or ingest toxins. In that last instance, you’ll need to install more barriers, costing you more money. Since dogs inside fences are sometimes more aggressive, there’s more of a chance of the dog biting someone or being a target of harassment or theft.

Benefits of a Large Dog Kennel

Benefits of a Large Dog Kennel

An outdoor dog kennel is a sheltered structure enclosed by mesh wiring or another material. Let’s look at the benefits of a large dog kennel relative to a fence. For a look at other general benefits of a dog kennel, please see here.

Room to Run and Play

A large dog kennel provides plenty of room for a dog to run, play, and rest. It also has more than enough room for water, food, toys, blankets and beds, and anything else you want your dog to have during the day.


A dog inside a kennel is far less likely to have encounters with people passing by. This protects the dog from people who might harm it, and it removes the worry of something like a child being bitten after putting a hand through a fence to pet the dog.

Because the kennel is fully enclosed, you don’t have to worry about it escaping the yard and getting lost, hit by a car, etc. You can also lock a kennel, making your dog far more secure from theft. In places like the Dakotas where there are a lot of rural communities and small towns, theft is a real worry because with people at work all day, there aren’t as many people around to see suspicious activities.

Finally, a kennel provides shelter from the elements. You know how intense the Dakota summer sun can be, and you also know how quickly the weather can change for the worse. A kennel offers shade and also protection from harsh weather, especially when you can’t get home right away to get the dog inside.

Helpful with House Training

House training a puppy isn’t easy, especially when you’re at work all day. A kennel can replicate conditions inside the house better than a yard can, so it can help with teaching where to go and not to go. It’s also easier to clean.

Yard Protection

With a kennel, you can also keep a dog away from sensitive areas in the yard you don’t want damaged or that could be harmful to the dog. You also don’t have to deal with holes and muddy spots getting torn up.

When you’re trying to choose the best outdoor kennel for your dog, we’re happy to provide some tips. Even better, we’ve created an entire guide on choosing the best-fit outdoor dog kennel for your dog. Download it for free!
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