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The Advantages of Using a Large Outside Dog Kennel

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on January 18, 2023

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Outside time is essential for your pet to live a happy and healthy life. Fresh air is always beneficial, and kennels are a great solution to give your dog its necessary outdoor time. You may not be at home 24/7 to let your dog out. Life is busy and sometimes you can be gone for longer than you would like. Outdoor kennels give your dogs the ability to walk around outside even when you are not around. These secure spaces will protect your pet from the weather while making sure that they are enjoying their time outdoors. 

Kennel vs Crate

You may think that a kennel and a crate are the same things. However, there are distinct differences between the two. Crates are portable cage that allows you to carry your pet around. These are often foldable and can be deconstructed for easy storage. Crates are relatively small and are sized to fit only one pet. As a result, there is no space for your dog to run around and play. Meanwhile, a large outdoor dog kennel is a permanent outdoor structure that will be a long-lasting solution and a safe place for your pet to play outside. They can take up large areas and even provide enough space for more than one pet. 

Kennel vs Fencing 

While many families think that fencing their entire yard is a great solution, it can end up being a costly endeavor. Nice wood fencing can be well over your estimated budget and the metal alternative does not help elevate your curb appeal. Fencing also does not provide a solution in rain or other weather conditions. Kennels have become an excellent resource for dog owners as they are a cheaper option than fencing and provide necessary shelter in case of harsh weather conditions. Not to mention, they provide owners with more flexibility. Some kennels can be insulated and come in a variety of sizes. These outdoor structures are designed to have high durability and long-lasting performance. 

When Should You Use a Kennel 

Large outside dog kennels greatly increase a pet's overall happiness. Instead of being cooped up inside all day while their owner is gone, they have the freedom to roam and play within a confined area. Kennels provide the best of both worlds for your inside dog by giving them short, quality time outdoors. A large dog kennel is a great resource for days when you will be gone for extended periods of time or when you want to let your dog outside without having to watch them. Your dog will love having the option to be outside and you will love the flexibility it gives you. 

Factors to Consider

Once you have determined that a large dog kennel is the best option for your pet, you get to find one that meets their unique needs. This will give your dog the best kennel experience. This can be a difficult task with all of the different elements to consider. The main factors you will need to look into are shelter and access to food and water. Without these elements, a kennel could be a negative experience for your pet. If you are not around to let your dog back inside and weather conditions are harsh, having a place for your dog to escape is essential. A roofed shelter can give your pet the freedom they will need to play outside during pleasant weather, yet provide a retreat from strong sun or heavy rain. Even if you only expect your pet to be in the kennel for a short period of time, having access to fresh water and food is crucial. Playing outside, especially in warmer climates, can be tiring and your dog will want access to refreshing water. Make sure the kennel is large enough for their bowls so they can play outside without growing too exhausted.  

Important Features 

Once you know what necessities are needed in the kennel, you get to determine what other features you would like for your pets. Finding a pre-build kennel that is unique to your dog’s needs can be a fun process. Let’s look at a few features you should consider. 


Each dog breed is different, including their size. A great day will not be suited in a kennel fit for a corgi. With this in mind, it is important to select a single-dog kennel that has plenty of room for your dog. Otherwise, they may feel cramped and not find enjoyment from being outside. When in doubt, selecting a large outside dog kennel cannot go wrong. There is no such thing as too much space when it comes to giving your dog adequate space to play. For families with more than one pet or veterinarian practice, there are kennels to fit your needs too! Double dog kennels or commercial kennels can hold more than one pup while still providing adequate space. 


The most affordable option are metal kennels. These enclosures are waterproof and durable in any circumstance. However, there are numerous materials and features to choose from. There are flooring options that utilize moisture and warp-resistant resin technology, options with insulation to keep your pet comfortable, and outside plywood areas for you dog to get fresh air. 


Before you purchase a large dog kennel, ensure that it utilizes waterproof technology that will protect your pet from rain or snow. If a kennel does not have this feature, your kennel will not last for long as it will be continuously exposed to moisture. A weather-resistant kennel will help shield your pet from gusts of winds and harsh temperatures. 


Some dogs, especially puppies, are prone to chew anything and everything in sight. A kennel will be no exception. Ensuring that the kennel is chew-proof will eliminate risk of the dog hurting themselves or creating a hole that they can escape through. Most high-quality kennels will utilize materials that are durable and will hold up against any breed. 


Chewing through the kennel is not the only way a dog could escape. If a kennel is not secured properly, your pet could still break out. Make sure you select a kennel with a locking mechanism to ensure that your dog will always be kept safe. Even adding an additional locking method may be smart and more effective against some dogs. 

Best-Fit Outdoor Dog Kennels

At the end of the day, dog owners just want their pets to be happy and well cared for. Kennels are an excellent way to ensure that your pet is content, even when you are not around. If a space is too small, your dog may feel trapped. Size matters, but it is not the only factor. The hunt for the perfect kennel can be hard without the proper resources and information. From dog house essentials to preparing the kennel for every type of weather, there are numerous aspects you have to consider. If you have decided to purchase a large outside dog kennel, but are overwhelmed by all the details, we got you covered! Download our free guide: Evaluating the Best-fit Outdoor Dog Kennel for Your Dog today to find the perfect kennel for your pet. 

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