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Benefits of Having the Right Commercial Dog Kennel Supplies

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on July 26, 2023


The success of commercial kennels and runs hinges on the quality of care you provide, reflected in the supplies you keep. Running a kennel is not just about having an area where dogs can stay; it is about creating an environment that meets and enriches their needs. One of the ways you can achieve this is by having the right supplies. The right tools enhance the quality of care you provide to the dogs in your care and streamline your operations. Let's look at the key components and supplies that can significantly impact the overall comfort, happiness, and safety of the dogs under your care.

Ensuring You Have the Right Supplies

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, having the right commercial dog kennel supplies is essential for the success of your business. You may need highly specialized equipment for specific breeds or services in a kennel. In some cases, basic supplies might suffice. The key to understanding the kind of supplies you need is thoroughly understanding your business. The dog breeds, the client's specific requests, the number of dogs you handle at any given time, and even the lifestyle of the dogs' owners — all contribute to defining the right supplies for your kennel.

Your Main Service Determines the Necessary Supplies

When setting up your commercial kennels and runs, understanding your primary services is pivotal in determining your needed supplies. Your kennel services might primarily focus on boarding dogs, or you could also provide grooming services. You might even offer specialized services such as dog training or doggy daycare. Each service requires specific supplies to meet the dog's needs and owners' expectations.

If your kennel's primary service is boarding, the dogs' comfort and well-being during their stay are your foremost concerns. You will focus on quality dog beds, secure and comfortable crates, and feeding and watering systems that ensure your dogs are well-fed and hydrated. In addition, you will need supplies to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, such as odor eliminators and efficient waste disposal systems.

If your kennel provides grooming services, it will need additional, service-specific tools and supplies. High-quality grooming tables, professional-grade clippers and scissors, specialized bathtubs, and other products will be essential. If your facility provides dog training or doggy daycare, you will need toys for mental stimulation, outdoor play equipment, and even agility courses. Identifying your leading service will guide you in selecting the appropriate commercial dog kennel supplies and enable you to provide exceptional care. 


Everyday Items You May Need

Every commercial dog kennel should have specific items to ensure optimal guest care. This is true regardless of the services they offer. These basic supplies directly impact a dog's comfort, health, and overall well-being during its stay. 

  • Dog Beds: Comfortable sleeping arrangements are crucial for a dog's stay. High-quality dog beds provide a cozy space for dogs to rest and sleep. They come in various sizes, designs, and materials, from plush beds for small breeds to durable orthopedic options for larger or older dogs.
  • Water Bowls: Keeping your dogs hydrated is essential. Easy-to-clean water bowls are a must-have, preferably made from stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic. Automatic water dispensers can also be a good investment for larger kennels to ensure constant access to fresh water.
  • Automatic Feeders: These are a blessing for kennel owners because they ensure timely and controlled feeding. They can help maintain a regular feeding schedule, even when you are busy with other tasks. They are handy for dealing with dogs on strict or specific diets.
  • Crate Pads: Crate pads or mats can significantly enhance a dog's comfort within their kennel. They provide an extra layer of cushioning and help prevent pressure sores in dogs that spend a lot of time lying down.
  • Odor Eliminators: Maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling facility is pleasant for the dogs and staff and creates a good impression when owners visit. Odor eliminators are specially formulated to neutralize pet odors, helping keep your kennel smelling fresh.

If you offer grooming services, there are additional items you may need.

  • Grooming Positioning Sets: These tools help hold the dogs in place during grooming, making the task easier for the groomer and safer for the dog.
  • Grooming Bathtubs: A high-quality grooming bathtub that is easy to access and can fit dogs of all sizes is crucial for an efficient and stress-free grooming process.
  • Dryers for Dogs: After a bath, dogs must be dried properly to prevent chills. Special dog dryers are designed to dry a dog's coat quickly and thoroughly while being safe and comfortable for the dog to endure.

Remember, the specific needs of your kennel may require additional items or specialized versions of the ones listed here. The goal is to have a well-equipped kennel that can meet the various needs of your dogs while also allowing for efficient and effective facility management.

Specialized Care for the Best Business Services

The items we have discussed are crucial, but there are tons of other commercial dog kennel supplies to discover and consider for your facility. You may find that different stores could significantly enhance your operations and the services you provide. Some breeds have special dietary needs, so having breed-specific food and treats can be a great touch. Additionally, the type of coat a breed has could require specialized grooming tools to keep it in optimal condition. Outdoor play equipment and fencing are more things to consider that fall outside the basic needs but can dramatically improve the quality of your services. As you explore other supplies, you will create the best atmosphere for your dogs and raise the bar for kennel services.

Elevate Your Kennel Business 

Focus on expanding your business to connect with a larger audience of pet owners and enhance their pets' stay experience. Our team is always ready to answer any questions, provide guidance on choosing the right commercial dog kennel supplies, and offer insights into managing your business more efficiently. We are highly knowledgeable about commercial kennels, runs, and all the associated necessities. Running a successful commercial dog kennel requires more than just the correct location or a love for dogs. It is about being equipped with the right tools and knowledge to provide the best care for your dogs and manage your operations effectively. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us help you elevate your kennel to new heights of success.

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