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Choosing the Right Custom Outdoor Dog Kennel

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on October 06, 2022

Choosing the Right Custom Outdoor Dog KennelYour dog is a loyal, loving member of your family — they deserve a comfortable and safe place to rest, especially when they're outside. An outdoor dog kennel is a great way to achieve this. Going with a custom outdoor dog kennel is similar to deciding to build a home. You feel nothing on the market is a good fit, so you opt to put in the effort now to build from scratch to have a comfortable lifestyle long-term. 

Dogs are a lot like people — they all have different needs and come in different shapes and sizes. A customized outdoor dog kennel is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants their dogs to be as cozy and secure as possible when they're not around. But what factors should you be considering when building custom dog kennels? Here's everything you'll need to consider to keep your dog's tail wagging in its new kennel.

What Goes into a High Quality Outdoor Dog Kennel?


Building a custom outdoor dog kennel gives you the option to create as much space as your dog needs. But even if you feel like spoiling your furry friend, going bigger isn't always the right choice. Generally, your dog should have enough room in their kennel to turn around with an additional four inches of space above them if they're sitting or standing. 

Remember to think about what breed your dog is before buying: some breeds grow taller or wider, so you'll want to account for extra width or height if needed. Customizing a crate that's too large could tempt them to use it as a bathroom. However, if your dog isn't fully grown, it's a good idea to get a custom kennel that will fit your dog when they're fully grown.

Quality of Materials

Different materials have their share of benefits and drawbacks. But with an incredibly saturated market, buyers must beware of companies that aren't using good quality materials. Quality materials usually cost more but will give you a well-built structure, so you'll have to weigh cost over comfort.

Many dog owners prefer wood dog kennels above other materials as they're lightweight and much safer for dogs. Other kennels are aesthetically pleasing or have functions that could help your dog stay more comfortable. But as long as the kennel has good airflow, is comfortable if it's out in the bitter cold, and makes your dog happy, the design or material you choose is up to you. 


A custom outdoor dog kennel should appease your and your dog's needs. All dogs have a unique temperament and personality; if you know your dog wants more space to feel free and move around, take that into account. If your dog has trouble staying quiet or feels anxious in kennels, do your best to build a place that feels like a haven where they can fully relax. And some dogs are simply troublemakers and can't behave themselves in certain situations. A cozy place for them to decompress while you move on with your day benefits everyone.

A custom designed outdoor dog kennel could make all the difference if you've struggled to find the perfect fit for your companion. And if you're looking for even more detailed information on dog kennels, check out this guide to Evaluating the Best-fit Dog Kennels and become a pro on custom outdoor dog kennels in no time.

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