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Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on December 17, 2019


Here are some tips and ideas for storing Christmas decorations safely — and creatively.

As you accumulate decorations year after year, you may need to consider more creative ways to store everything. As your inventory grows, so might your need for storage space — or at least, you may need more creative solutions.

Here are some ways you can prevent artificial trees from breaking, wreaths from smashing, and ornaments from crashing.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage

If you have an artificial tree that you use every year, consider investing in a tree storage bag. It's the easiest and most convenient way to store a Christmas tree.

Tree Keeper Bag offers a great product. All you need to do is attach the tree bag to your tree stand like you would a tree skirt and enjoy your tree for the season. After the holidays are over, open the skirt, and pull the bag up over the tree. Get your tree storage-ready in just minutes.


There are other, more traditional options like those sold by Wayfair and The Cover Store.

However, if you look for seasonal sales, you’ll find that most tree-storing options are comparable in price.

Christmas Wreath and Garland Storage

A plastic wreath storage container is perfect for protecting your holiday wreath from dust, dirt, and moisture, plus it will help your wreath keep its shape and ornaments, bows, and pine cones in place. Using a storage container that’s specifically designed for wreaths will keep it intact, protected, and looking great until next Christmas. Most plastic containers have a snap top which provides easy access and a sturdy carrying handle for easy transport.

Pro tip: Be sure to measure the circumference of your wreath before purchasing a container.

Storage for Christmas Tree Lights

The Tree Keeper Bag also has a great storage solution for Christmas lights. It utilizes reels which allow each strand to wrap neatly and helps prevent tangling. This “kit” comes with three spools and a storage bag. Keeping the light strings on the spool while decorating your tree, railings, or porch also prevents in-action entanglement.

You can try making a DIY version of this helpful storage solution using a Pringles can, or you could revert to the old-school way — a cardboard rectangle. It’s not necessarily attractive, but it’s functional. :)

Whichever method you prefer, be sure to store lights where moisture can’t get to them and cause an electrical short. Simply putting wrapped lights into an airtight bag or plastic storage bin should do the trick if you need to keep them in an unfinished basement or backyard shed.

Ornament and Hook Storage

Store your ornaments in ornament storage boxes like these from The Container Store. These boxes provide secure storage, protect your holiday treasures from damage, and have adjustable interior dividers to help with organization. Sturdy construction and metal corners are a plus. In the case of these, they come in different sizes and materials, but choosing a hard-cased container will allow you to stack them.

Onto those annoying but necessary hooks. Have you ever felt frustrated as you fumbled through box after box of Christmas decorations looking for ornament hooks wondering if you even have any leftover from last year? Those hooks seem to end up everywhere but where you expect to find them. Keep everything neat and organized this year by using a clear tackle box or utility container or a bead organizer. Not only do they work well for organizing hooks, but they're also perfect for replacement Christmas tree light bulbs and other small items.


Holiday Candles

Ideally, candles should be stored in a cool location, likely a temperature-controlled room in your home. If there is any possibility that they could get warm, wrap them in cellophane to keep them from melting together or transferring color. Avoid wrapping your candles in plastic wrap or waxed paper because these materials could melt onto the candles.

If you want to eliminate hassle or don't have the extra room in your house for candle storage, consider using neutral-colored candles to decorate tables and mantles all year long — then you won't have to store candles at all! Or invest in some flameless candles which do not require climate-controlled storage. Remember to remove batteries from flameless candles before storing them.

Pro tip: Find out which candle type is best for use over the holidays and which store better. Discover the differences between paraffin wax, soy wax, coconut wax, and beeswax candles.

Nativity Sets and Ceramics

If possible, retain the original packing that your nativity or figurines came in. Repacking the set at the end of the season and storing it in its original packaging is ideal. In most cases, the packaging is designed to cushion and protect the pieces.

If this isn't an option, wrapping each piece in a hand towel, cloth, or a soft paper towel before placing it in a plastic storage bin will prevent chipping. In addition to individual wrapping, consider filling the empty spaces between each piece with packing peanuts or bubble wrap for maximum protection.

The same principles should be applied to all holiday ceramics — including your ceramic Christmas tree — and delicate decorations. While it may be convenient to wrap several pieces together, fight the urge, and wrap them individually and make sure they're secure within the storage bin.

Pillows and Blankets

This seems easy enough if you have enough space in your linen closet. But, if you don't, be thoughtful as to how and where you pack these items — including your trendy Buffalo Plaid throw.

For instance, always launder or dry-clean pillows and blankets before putting them away. Even seemingly harmless substances such as body oil can permanently discolor or damage fabrics. Items that are properly cleaned and packed will be fresh and ready for use after year-long storage.

Once these items are cleaned and packaged, put them in a plastic bin, and store them away from areas that could experience condensation or moister to prevent mildew and damage. Consider storing your containers up and off the floor on a wooden pallet, sturdy shelf, or overhead storage racks.

Odds and Ends

In this post, we suggest ways to store specific items, but we also want to mention some storage best practices as well. For instance, if you're using cardboard boxes to store your Christmas decorations, think about replacing them with clear, plastic storage containers. They’re better for stacking, they’re stronger, and they tend to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Labels are great, but clear containers allow you to see what's inside — even better.

Pro tip: Once all your decorations are up and your boxes or bins are empty, take a moment to clean or vacuum them so that when it’s time to put everything away, they’re ready to go.

When the holidays are over and you’re ready to tackle the big project of taking down the decor you spent hours putting up, take a few extra minutes to determine if there are any items you should toss or replace (post-holiday sales are the BEST!).

Ok, let’s talk about the ever-popular yard inflatables. When you purchase an inflatable, always keep the packaging it came in. Store all the pieces in the box at the end of the season, and you won’t have to search for them or buy replacements next year. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to see if you should close any zippers or vents before you put your decoration away.

If your original packaging is missing, use a storage bin with a lid that fits snugly. Put the manual and small parts in plastic bags and add them to the bin, placing it in a cool, dry location. For more tips, read Home Depot’s post, How to Care for Holiday Inflatables.

Need more storage space?

If you find yourself lacking storage space even after you’ve applied all the tips, tricks, and ideas you’ve gathered, it might be time to consider buying a backyard shed (or a bigger one).


Free up your living and indoor storage space by storing seasonal items in a backyard storage building. Sheds provide ideal space to store seasonal decor, storage bins, bikes, outdoor equipment, and more, and they keep items dry, safe, and protected. Some sheds even have a built-in loft, perfect for storing well-packed seasonal items up and out of the way.

If you’re entertaining the idea of a shed, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. Here are a few. While you can choose a semi-customizable shed or fully-customizable shed, don’t overlook the option of a high-quality pre-built stock shed. Take a moment to browse our inventory. If a shed catches your eye, you can reserve it on the spot.

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