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Dog Retreat: Providing Comfort and Security in Large Dog Kennels

by Dakota Storage Buildings, on November 27, 2023

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The great outdoors — the best place for our furry friends to stretch their legs, play, and bask in the sun. Every dog owner knows the value of outside time for a pet's well-being. Fresh air boosts their mental health, keeps them physically active, and provides sensory stimulation that indoor environments might lack. Life is hectic, and you might not always be around to offer them their needed playtime. Using large dog kennels provides a designated space where your pet can enjoy the outside, even in your absence. In this blog, we will learn about outdoor dog kennels, their benefits, the peace of mind they offer, and how to choose the perfect one for your pet. Your journey towards ensuring your dog's happiness and health, even in your absence, begins here.

Providing a Secure Outdoor Haven: The Benefits of Dog Kennels

For every pet owner, their furry friend is not just an animal but a cherished family member deserving of love, care, and, above all, safety. While exciting for our canine, the vast expanse of the outdoors is also fraught with uncertainties. Perhaps you live in a more rural setting, where the threat of predators lurks. Even something as simple as stray garbage can be a hazard if ingested. Letting them roam unsupervised might be a gamble; after all, curiosity can often lead a dog to unexpected dangers. However, confining them inside for prolonged periods is not ideal either; it denies them the sensory experiences, physical exercise, and mental stimulation that only the outdoors can offer.

This is where an enclosed dog kennel bridges the gap. Think of it as your dog's personal home — a space where they can freely experience the joys of the outdoors without the associated risks. Within the safe perimeters of a large dog kennel, your pet can play, rest, and watch the world go by, all while being shielded from potential dangers. Dog kennel can help ensure that while your dog's body is actively engaging with the outdoors, their wellbeing remains uncompromised. 

Why Every Busy Dog Owner Needs a Quality Large Dog Kennel

The question is, how can you ensure your dog gets ample outdoor time while coordinating it with your unpredictable schedule and their safety needs? This is why a large dog kennel proves invaluable. Before you head out for the day, you can let your dog into their private outdoor space, ensuring they are not cooped up all day and still get a taste of the outdoors. Your dog can enjoy a portion of the day in their dedicated space without the constant need for oversight.

Kennels are not just about providing freedom during your absence. There are times when you might be hosting guests who are uncomfortable around dogs, or perhaps you are undertaking a home project where it is safer for your dog to be distanced. In these instances, the kennel is not a confinement but a temporary retreat where your dog can still enjoy their surroundings without any restrictions. A large dog kennel does not replace walks, park visits, or bonding time. Instead, it supplements these activities, ensuring that when life pulls you in different directions, your dog's need for outdoor exploration remains uninterrupted. 

Essential Features of a High-quality Large Dog Kennel

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Finding the perfect outdoor kennel is about creating a space tailored to your dog's comfort and safety needs. With numerous options in the market, making an informed decision becomes imperative. Here are the essential features to consider when making your selection.

Kennel and Run Size 

When considering size, think of it as designing your dog's own mini yard. The kennel should offer ample space for them to move, play, and rest. It should not be so compact that it feels restrictive or so vast that it loses its protective essence. If your dog feels like a corner of the kennel is “too far away,” they might opt to use it as a restroom, which is not ideal. The inclusion of a run is crucial. This elongated space simulates a pathway, allowing your dog to indulge in short sprints or leisurely strolls within their space. 


The unpredictable nature of weather means that insulation is not just a luxury; it is a necessity. While it is clear that dogs should not be left outside in extreme weather conditions, a well-insulated kennel can offer protection during slightly cooler mornings or warmer afternoons. It ensures that the internal environment remains relatively stable, offering your dog a comfortable haven regardless of minor external fluctuations.

Material Quality

The strength, durability, and longevity of a kennel largely depend on the quality of materials used. Look for kennels made of high-grade metals or toughened plastics that can withstand both the elements and a dog’s playful antics. Chew-proof materials are a bonus, especially for teething puppies or dogs that love to gnaw. Remember, a kennel is not just a purchase; it is an investment in your dog’s comfort and safety.

Safety Precautions

A kennel’s primary goal is to keep your dog safe. Therefore, its design should preempt potential escape routes. Look for kennels with deep-set bases to prevent dogs from digging their way out or high walls that deter even the most enthusiastic jumpers. Weatherproofing is another critical safety feature. Beyond just rain and snow, a kennel should be built to endure wind, sun, and other environmental factors. Features like UV protection or wind guards can significantly enhance the kennel's ability to offer a consistent, safe environment for your pet.

Maximize Comfort in Your Dog's Outdoor Kennel

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A kennel is not just a structure; it is an extension of your dog's living space. Ensuring it is as comfortable as possible is vital. But comfort is not solely about soft bedding or shaded areas; it is about creating an environment where your dog feels relaxed, secure, and content. Here is how you can transform a basic kennel into a cozy retreat for your canine companion.

Positive Associations: Introducing your dog to a new kennel can be a bit like introducing a child to a new bedroom. There might be initial reluctance or apprehension. To ease this transition, make their first experiences with the kennel positive. Maybe introduce the kennel as the place where they get their favorite treat or toy. Over time, your dog will associate the kennel with positive feelings, making them more inclined to enter and stay without fuss.

Right Bedding: While a plush pillow can indeed make the kennel more appealing, think about your dog's specific needs. Does your dog run hot and need a cooling mat? Or maybe they need orthopedic support? Ensuring the bedding aligns with their comfort needs can make a world of difference. Also, consider materials that are easy to clean, water-resistant, or have removable covers for washing.

Familiarity: Incorporate items that your dog already loves. Their favorite toys, a piece of clothing, or even a familiar blanket can make the kennel feel more like home. Familiar scents can be calming for dogs and can help reduce any anxiety they might feel in a new space.

Shelter and Shade: Depending on where your kennel is located, ensure that it provides enough shelter from the elements. A roof or overhead covering not only protects against rain but also offers shade during sunny days. If your kennel does not come with a built-in shelter, consider adding an external one or placing it in a location that naturally provides some protection.

Hydration Station: Especially for those times when they will be in the kennel for longer durations, ensure there is access to fresh water. There are attachable water bowls designed for kennels that prevent tipping over. Keeping your dog hydrated will contribute significantly to their overall comfort.

Stimulating Environment: Comfort is not only physical; it is mental, too. Ensure the kennel is placed where your dog can have a good view, maybe of the backyard, other pets, or just the daily happenings around your home. The visual stimulation can keep them entertained and engaged.

Designing the Ultimate Outdoor Retreat for Your Dog

Envision a space where your dog can roam free, play, rest, and stay safe — all in one. With a large dog kennel, this dream becomes a reality. Remember, while size is essential, it is not the only criterion. For a kennel to be truly beneficial, it must blend safety, comfort, and freedom seamlessly. Crafting the perfect retreat for your canine companion is more than just building four walls and a roof. It's about understanding the nuances of what makes a space truly inviting, comfortable, and safe for your pet. With the right touches and attention to detail, a large dog kennel can become more than just an outdoor space; it can be a cherished haven for your beloved pet. Download our free comprehensive guide, “Evaluating the Best-fit Outdoor Kennel for Your Dog,” to help you choose the best-fit dog kennel for your furry friend and gift them the perfect blend of freedom, comfort, and security.

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